By AOMEI / Last Updated February 25, 2020


“I have a disk for data storage, but today I fund one of the partition is missing with no reason. I don’t know if the partition was accidentally deleted by me. There are a lot of important data on it, how can I recover them? If someone knows of a data recovery software for Windows that can recover the lost data, and possibly even recover an entire partition instead of just finding the files, please let me know! Any suggestion will be appreciated in advance!”

About recover data in Windows computer

As is known to all, a hard drive is a way to store data. However, partition a hard disk is required before we can use the hard disk to store data. In order to better manage the hard disk, we can divide it into one or more partitions. Sometimes, you may encounter partition loss issue, and you cannot access the data on it too. If your partition loss is caused by accidental deletion, as long as the lost partition is not formatted/overwritten, you can use the data recovery software to recover the partition and recover the data. Because, when you delete a partition on the computer, the system just removes partition information from partition table rather than completely wiping the disk area once occupied the deleted volume. Thus, recover data from the lost partition in Windows computer is achievable.

In order to avoid further data loss, please pay attention to the following things:

  • Do not reformat the hard drive.

  • Do not execute any operation on the hard drive.

  • Do not add new items to the partition.

  • Do not rebuild partition table.

How to recover data from hard disk in Windows 10/8/7?

If the deleted or lost partition was not overwritten or formatted, you can recover the data on it by recover partition. Here the best professional data recovery software – AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is highly recommended. It is a powerful data recovery software for Windows 10/8/7, Windows XP, as well as Windows Vista. You can use it to easily and effectively recover the lost partition with its function – Partition Recovery Wizard. The next example will show you the specific steps of recovering data with AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro.

First of all, you should find the lost partition in Windows built-in Disk Management.

Step 1.Install and open AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro. Select “Partition Recovery Wizard” under the “Wizards”.

Partition Recovery Wizard

Step 2. In the pop-up window, choose the disk you which contains the partition or data want to recover. Click “Next”.

Choose Disk

Step 3. After that, select “Fast Search”. This option takes less time. If you cannot recover the lost partition for the first time, you can try Partition Recovery Wizard again and select “Full Search” later. And click “Next” to continue.

Search Method

Step 4.Click “Finish” after the operation completed. Then, you can check whether your partition is restored

Partition Recovery Finish


Till now, you can get the method of how to recover data in Windows 10/8/7 with the best professional data recovery software – AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro. Besides Partition Recovery Wizard, it also provides users many other powerful functions like Format Partition, Win to USB, Migrate OS to SSD, SSD Secure Erase and so on. If the operating system of your computer is Windows Server, you can turn to AOMEI Partition Assistant Server to enjoy more advanced features.