Migrate System Drive to a Smaller Solid-State Disk

People may have encountered such problem like below. “I was trying to move an existing OS installation on a hard drive in one machine to an SSD in a completely different and new machine. That’s something I had never attempted to do. So how can I install the new OS in the new machine and move my data and files? ”

It’s easy to install a solid-state drive to upgrade your computer, but your data won’t necessarily all fit for the drive, for this reason, it’s tough to move your Windows installation to a small drive.

It’s a little more complex in migrating to an SSD. Usually, we migrate to a smaller drive, but not all files and data fit on the SSD. To migrate from existing system boot HDD to a smaller SSD, you may need to follow the next steps.

First of all, back up everything and then shrink your original partition by deleting your personal files, which can make your Windows installation small enough to fit on the SSD. Secondly, clone your current disk onto the SSD and create an image of the now shrunken OS drive. Finally, install the new hard drive and restore all your personal files from the backup image. By doing that, it would be quick to migrate.

Best Software for Migrating OS to SSD

Transferring from HDD to smaller SSD could be a challenge. Transfer software to outside storage devices can be a slow and sad process. Repartitioning the HDD is time consuming and it can’t secure the safety of data.

While it’s not likely everybody has the time to complete the long process, so, I’m here to show you perfect software – AOMEI Partition Assistant, which does not require any of the payment and can be a great help for you to migrate from existing system boot HDD to a smaller SSD. It makes up some of the shortages of Windows built-in Disk Management and utilities both in safety and reliability of migration.


AOMEI Partition Assistant applies to all Windows platform well. You may resize partition, move partition, split partition and create partition, etc. Besides migrating OS to SSD, or transferring OS to HDD, it can also convert logical partition to primary or convert primary partition to logical, or convert FAT to NTFS, etc. More features…