Have you ever encountered any problems when using the hard disk? Do you feel angry with these problems? Will you search the powerful tool to end all these troubles? Certainly, most users will say “Yes”! Thus, a kind of powerful software is needed for you.

Reasons for disk problems

With the increasing data, files and applications to save, the disk capacity is becoming more and slower, especially for the system drive. In such circumstance, the system will not run smoothly, and it may bring so many troubles for you. Meanwhile, if the system crashes or attacks by virus, it is unavoidable to reinstall the operating system.

Apart from these reasons, there are some other reasons, like hardware failure, unstable software download and so on. Therefore, it is so important to find the solution.

Disk partition software to solve your disk problem

AOMEI Partition Assistant has been released by AOMEI Technology, and it is the excellent disk partition software to end your disk problems. It has possessed several kinds of versions, such as Home, Professional, Server, etc. Now, let’s see them one by one.

Home Edition

It is totally free for home and commercial users. Through this software, you can do the basic and some advanced operations, like resize, move, split, copy, allocate free space, convert primary/logical partition, etc.

Pro Edition

Compared with the Home version, it adds some other advanced features: convert between GPT and MBR disk, partition alignment, change serial number and change partition type ID. However, it doesn’t support the Server OS.

Server Edition

It supports all the operating system of Server, including Server 2003/2008, Home Server 2011, SBS 2003/2008/2011, Windows PE, etc. If you are a user of Server OS, it must be a good choice for you.

Unlimited Edition

It contains all the features in Server version. Apart from these, it permits you to deal with all the partition problems in dynamic volume. Meanwhile, it allows unlimited usage within one company, which brings convenient for company owners, for they needn’t to pay much more money.

Technician Edition

All the features recommended above are kept in this version. It is really worth owning by you. Moreover, it provides technical services to help clients and free lifetime service to upgrade, which do not have in other versions.

If you want to learn more about this partition magic, please visit the website: //www.disk-partition.com/