Windows 8 has been released for quite a few months now. If you have tried the beta versions of Windows 8, you must know there are many applications are not compatible with Windows 8. This article is going to introduce a free hard disk management that can work well with Windows 8.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Home Edition is not only a freeware for both home and commercial use, but also a professional and advanced disk manager. It can perform various functions related to hard disk partitions. The inbuilt partition manager wizard will let you easily extend NTFS system volume without the need of a reboot. It can also resize and move volume without loosing your data. The dedicated technology will ensure that all your data is protected during the whole operation.

Shining features of AOMEI software

Migrate OS to another HDD or SSD

When your old hard drive failed, would you like to move your OS to the new SSD without reinstalling OS? Well, the one key migration feature of AOMEI software can securely migrate OS to SDD or HDD without the need of reinstalling all the applications. The migrate system wizard is especially designed to handle such complicated issues.

Merge/ split

How many times you realize that there is not enough space on your C drive? With AOMEI software, you can easily merge non-contiguous unallocated space into any existing partitions or merge two adjacent volumes into a bigger one. Similarly, you can split one large volume into two or more volumes to store data separately so that you can find the things quickly when you need them.

Partition Recovery

Partition recovery wizard will let you recover deleted volume easily. It is helpful in the case when you made a mess with your hard disk.

Make bootable disk

This particular feature is not present in most of the disk manager software; while AOMEI disk manager lets you quickly create a bootable disk. You could manage your hard disk in the event of your current OS crashes.