Dynamic Disk and Logical Partition

A dynamic disk is a physical disk that contains dynamic volumes that you create by using Disk Management. Compared with basic disks, dynamic disks provide more features, such as, the ability to create and delete simple, spanned, striped, mirrored and RAID-5 volumes; extend a simple or spanned volume; remove a mirror from a mirrored volume or break the mirrored volume into two volumes; repair mirrored or RAID-5 volumes; reactivate a missing or offline disk, etc.

While a logical partition is the division of a computer’s processors, memory and storage into multiple sets of resources so that each set of resources can be operated independently with its own OS instance and applications.

Create More Partitions in Windows

Almost everyone knows that Windows supports up to four partitions on each basic MBR  disk. In many points, we are forced to convert to logical partition to create new partitions. Usually, people would like to follow the way of making new partitions in Windows built-in Disk Management.

First, right-click on my computer, select manage, then disk management, shrink a desired drive, and then right-click on the unallocated, go through the wizard instructions and finally click finish.

If you make sure to convert the selected basic disk to dynamic disk, you’ll succeed in achieving this object.

Create More Partitions without Converting to Dynamic Disk

Some people might have suffered from the problems like one below. “I just bought a new computer with 4 partitions. 836MB for C: drive and 150MB for D drive. Initially, I want to create new partitions, so I followed the normal method of making a partition in Windows built-in Disk Management. However, when I hit finish, the popup saying that the operation I selected will convert the selected basic disk to dynamic disk, and if I convert the disk to dynamic, I won’t be able to start installed operating systems from any volume on the disk”. Well, it’s not everyone would like to convert to dynamic disk. Moreover, converting to a dynamic hard drive is a bad idea.  So, is it possible to make more partitions without converting to dynamic disk?

There are a few options to choose from, command prompt would be the first choice. But it’s not comfortable for all. Of all options, third party partition software would be the comfortable one.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a good helper. Its convert to logical partition is available for users, which allows users make more partitions without converting to dynamic disk or convert primary partition to logical partition easily without data loss. Besides, Partition Assistant may help you resize partition, merge partitions, spilt partition and allocate free space, etc. AOMEI added something different in its new version of Partition Assistant, including change partition type ID, rebuilt MBR; make bootable CD wizard, etc. Learn more features of AOMEI Partition Assistant: //www.disk-partition.com/feature.html