Nowadays, with the development of computer technology, many powerful disk managers are available for Windows users. As many people know, compared to Windows Disk Management in 2003, the snap-in Disk Management in 2008 has a made a big breakthrough As for the task of “resize partition Windows 2008”, it also can do some help to a certain degree. Usually, the Windows 2008 system drive would face the “low disk space” Now, let’s see how it works.

Extend system partition with Disk Management

What seems to be very good news to the Windows users is that two new features have been added to Disk Management in Windows 2008. That is extending and shrinking volume, which can be used to resize the system drive. Compared to that of Server 2003, it can be regarded as a big breakthrough. However, there are still some limitations.

  • The drive can be extended only when there is an unallocated space right behind it.
  • The space shrunk from the logical volume can be used to extend the logical drives; the space shrunk from the primary drives can only be used to extend primary drives.

Thus, with these drawbacks mentioned above, extend system partition with Disk Management will not be a bright choice. Therefore, a third party disk program, AOMEI Partition Assistant can play a better role in resolving this problem.

Extend system partition with AOMEI Partition Assistant

As an all-in-one disk master hand, Partition Assistant has been regarded as one of the most efficient software. It can extend volume safely and easily through several ways.

First, “Resize” and “Move” can easily shrink volume from one drive, and then move the unallocated space right behind the drive needs to be extended. Also, the “Merge” option can simply merge the unallocated space or adjacent drive to system volume.

Second, the “Allocate Free Space” option can allocate the unused space from one drive to the volume needs extending.

Last but not least, “Extend Partition Wizard” is a one-key operation, which can safely extend system partition without restarting the computer.

The picture below id its main interface.

Main Interface of AOMEI Server Edition

Apart from the function of “resize partition Windows 2008”, it possesses many other disk features as well. Therefore, if you have any disk problem, just download this software and handle it now.