By AOMEI / Last Updated July 12, 2018

The main window of AOMEI Dynamic Disk is as below:

1. Menu
The menu offers access to all of the actions, operations, and settings of AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager.

2. Toolbar
On the toolbar, you can perform the following operations:

  1. Commit pending operations
  2. Discard all changes
  3. Undo/redo pending operations
  4. Refresh operations
  5. View pending operations

3. Table view
In the table view, you can see all the dynamic disks and their volumes, and you can select any of them to perform operations.

4. General operations
In General Operations, you can create volume or check volume properties.

5. Wizards
The Wizards contains the following functions:

  1. Create Volume Wizard
  2. Add Drive to RAID
  3. Remove Drive From RAID
  4. Move Volume Slice Wizard

6. Graphical view
The graphical view provides visual information about all the dynamic disks and their volumes for better understanding of the volume configuration. The graphical view also lets you select both the volumes and disks to perform operations on them.