By AOMEI / Last Updated September 2, 2020

About dynamic disk properties

The disk properties give a page that helps you to view the disk information including the disk name, size, used space, free space, disk style. And you will know the basic condition of the disk. And you can decide if you need to change the disk style, how to assign the free space on the disk, and perform other tasks. But how to check dynamic disk properties?

How to check dynamic disk properties?

To check dynamic disk properties, you would better to choose a powerful dynamic manager-AOMEI Partition Assistant Server that can assist you in entering the disk properties page. And it also performs some disk managing tasks, such as create volume, move slice, and resize volume. Next, this article will introduce how to check dynamic volume properties.

It is not a complicated procedure to check dynamic disk properties with AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager. Follow the straightforward tutorial below to know detailed information of your dynamic disk.

Step 1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Server, and click "Dynamic Disk" to launch AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager.

Step 2. Here you can see disks will be listed on the main interface. Right-click on the dynamic disk, and choose "Disk Properties".

Disk Properties

Step 3. In the pop-up dialog box, you can view detailed information, such as disk name, disk size, disk model, disk style, and disk status.


Final words

After checking the disk properties, you can use the Server manager to manage your dynamic hard drive.