By AOMEI / Last Updated July 12, 2018

There are five types of dynamic volumes: Simple Volume, Spanned Volume, Striped Volume (RAID 0), Mirrored Volume (RAID 1) and RAID-5 Volume. Not all Operating Systems support the entire volumes, for example, Windows XP Professional only supports Simple/Spanned/Striped Volume; you can create all the types of volumes in Windows Server. With AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager, you can create volumes your Operating System support easily.

The steps to create volume with AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager


  • There must be some unallocated space on each dynamic disk whichever volume you want to create, if not, you have to shrink volume or delete volume to generate unallocated space.
  • You need to have different amounts of disks according to the type of volume you create. If there is only one disk, you can only create Simple Volume. Both Spanned Volume and Striped Volume need 2 physical disks at least, mirrored volume requires 2 disks, and RAID-5 volume can be created when there are 3 disks at least.
Step 1: Launch AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager. Right click unallocated space and select "Create Volume".

Step 2: In the pop-up window, all the types of volumes your Operating System support will be listed. Choose one of the volumes and click "Next".

Step 3: In this dialogue box, it allows you to choose drive letter, file system and cluster size, label volume and adjust volume size by dragging the slider or entering specific value.

Step 4: Before clicking “Commit”, please confirm the operations in View Pending Operation.

With the help of AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager you can create dynamic volume easily. Download it and try.