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Change Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk without Losing Data

Dynamic Disk and Basic Disk

Basic disks and dynamic disks are two different configurations in Windows. Most personal users are configured as basic disks, which are the simplest to use it. Advanced users and IT administrator can make use of dynamic disk on multiple hard disks within one computer to manage data, usually for increased performance or disk data reliability. Basic disks make use of primary partitions, extended partitions, and logical drives to organize data. The partitions on basic disks cannot share data with other partitions, but dynamic hard disks can combine multiple partitions into a single dynamic volume, or duplicate data among several hard disks to increase system reliability.

Dynamic Disk and Basic Disk can be converted each other. We can change basic disk into dynamic disk or change dynamic disk to basic one. In Windows 7/8/2000/XP/Vista and Server 2003/2008/2011/2012 (32bit and 64bit), it is straightforward to convert basic disk to dynamic disk by using Windows Disk Manager (diskmgmt.msc) or diskpart.exe tool. However, change dynamic disk into basic disk is very difficult unless a dynamic disk is empty with no volumes. How to change dynamic disk to basic one in an easy and safe way without losing data?

Change dynamic disk to basic without losing data

Windows built-in disk manager can change dynamic disk to basic, but this need you delete all the volumes on the dynamic disk and make the disk becomes empty, which mean that you have to back up data and delete data. Now, with the help of AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter, you can convert it to basic directly and keep all the data intact.

1. Launch AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter and skip a welcome screen page, and you will see its main interface below, and choose Method 1 (Convert a dynamic disk back to basic disk), and click the Next button.

2. In Windows system, all dynamic disks will be shown in the following list box, please choose the disk which you intent to convert. For a instance, here the hard disk 1 (C: drive and F: drive) will be converted, and click the Next button to continue.

3. And then, the program prompt you confirm changing system disk into basic disk. By clicking "Proceed" start process. The process of the conversion only takes 3 to 10 seconds.

Change dynamic disk to basic by deleting all volumes, you may click "Convert dynamic disk to basic with free Windows Disk Manager" to learn more.

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