By AOMEI / Last Updated November 5, 2019

When converting dynamic disk to basic disk, the basic way to finish this work that we usually think of at the first time is through the Windows Disk Management Conversion (the built-in management tool in the system). Actually, another way is more convinient and efficient than the method that just talked above - with the help of AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter, change dynamic disk to basic disk become easier.

Compared with the Windows Disk Management, AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter has more advantages. Look at the comparison through the form below.

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter

Windows Disk Management

Safely convert dynamic disk to basic

Convert invalid andunreadabledynamic disk without losing data

Directly convert mirrored volume disk

Convert basic disk to dynamic disk

Extend, shrink, resize dynamic volume

Support dynamic disks for all Windows Home Versions

Clone dynamic volume to basic disk

According to the form, we can clear about superiorities of AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter. In fact, besides these, it also has many advantages that the Windows Disk Management doesn't have. It is very complex to change dynamic to basic through the Windows Disk Management. Let's see the procedures as follow:

1. Back up your data and files if possible.

2. Log on Windows as Administrator Privilege, click Start Menu -> Run, and type "diskmgmt.msc" to input box, then press Enter key or click OK to open Windows Disk Management as shown:


3. On Disk Management view, delete all volumes on the dynamic disk one by one.

Delete Dynamic Volume

4. After deleting, right-click the "Disk 1" that on the left side, then shows you the Details pane.

Convert to Basic Disk

After deleting all the dynamic volumes on the dynamic disk, the "Convert to Basic Disk" item can be available now, choose "Convert to Basic Disk". Last, create new partition on the basic disk and restore the previous backup data to the disk.

When use the Windows Disk Management to finish these work showed in the above, not only boring, but also unsafe, such as backup data. However, if directly use AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter(which supports both Windows 7/8/Vista/XP and Server 2003/2008/2011/2012), you will find it can save much time and solve tedious steps, just several seconds. Please visit the Convert dynamic disk to basic disk within 3~10 seconds to get more information.

You can free Download AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter and compare by yourself!