By AOMEI / Last Updated August 19, 2020

Many users have encountered dynamic disk problems when carry out operations in system of Windows Server 2000/2003/2008(R2)/2011/2012(R2)/2016/2019, such as, the disk is not accessible; hard disk failure or corruption; I/O errors and the disk's copy of database of system's disk configuration is corrupted. Along with theses symptoms, an error icon appears on the Unreadable disk. Both dynamic and basic disks display in unreadable status. For dynamic disks, the Unreadable status usually results from part of disk corruption or I/O errors rather than failure of the entire disk.

Reasons of unreadable dynamic disk status:

  1. Virus affection. If the dynamic disk is converted from basic disk which has already affected virus, when dynamic disk carry out operation, it may become unreadable. At this situation, the solution is very simple: load the anti-virus software, kill virus and fix dynamic disk problem, then you can access it again.

  2. System reinstallation. most user who re-install Windows Server on dynamic disk encounters unreadable disk. After installation, the user may found that non-system dynamic disks become unreadable. Some of users turn to Microsoft, some still stay in trouble, but the common ending is to format the entire disk but lost everything on it.

How to fix Unreadable Dynamic Disk

System reinstallation is the most complicated situation, seldom people knows how to solve unreadable dynamic disks in this situation. There was no certain solution for it. But now, there is no worry about this problem any more. AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter can convert an unreadable dynamic disk to basic disk, fixing unreadable dynamic disk WITHOUT DATA LOSS, even if the dynamic disk can not be accessed.

Fix Unreadable Dynamic Disk Guide:

  1. Select your unreadable dynamic disk that you want to fix to basic disk.

  2. The program will notice you if data will lose.

  3. Confirm your operations to repair.

  4. Executing...Report of the fix is complete.

  5. When it is completed, you need to restart the computer to take effect, and then the disk turns into basic, and becomes readable!

Please refer to how to fix Invalid Dynamic Disk to get more detail information.

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