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In Vista, Disk Management is part of the Computer Management console in Administrative Tools. One problem with Dynamic Disk is that it doesn’t work on all versions of Windows. For example, Vista Home Edition doesn’t support dynamic disk, probably so you will cost more for Vista advanced edition if you want to use the feature. Search in Google, You have found many discussions of people who upgraded operating system to Vista to find their dynamic disk invalid because dynamic disks are only available in Vista Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate Edition.

User Cases:

1.I have a second hard drive from an older computer. It is formatted as a dynamic drive, and now the disk appears as dynamic invalid in Vista. Is there a program that will allow me to read a dynamic disk with Vista? Microsoft does not provide an available way to solve the dynamic invalid problem. I have to seek for help.

2. I just changed over my motherboard, and everything installed smoothly in Windows Vista Ultimate. Just one of my Hard Disk is now not showing any file and folder. Looking in disk management the drive comes up as "Disk 1, Dynamic, Invalid". Now I have tired using a couple of data recovery programs but no success yet. Is there any way that I can get the data off that drive onto another then format it back to a basic disk?

3. A weird problem, I used to have 3 USB disks (dynamic) running fine under Vista Ultimate. Then I made a fresh Windows 7 Home Premium install. Noticing that it did not recognize my disks (and other problems as well), I decided to go back to Vista Ultimate (using old Windows). But now the original Vista Ultimate installation did not recognize them either! They have Dynamic Invalid status in Disk Management Snap in. DISKPART.exe sees the disks, and also the partitions, but it does not appear to find any volumes. Any command I try to do but return the error message that it is not allowed on invalid disk packs.

Yet there are no best ways to directly resolve the disk invalid problem. One available of ways is converting the invalid dynamic disk back to basic disk. Dynamic Disk Converter 3.0 is an advanced application with support for Vista, Windows 7/8, 2000 and XP. The 3.0 version is specifically designed for repairing invalid dynamic disk without losing data.

Repair Invalid Dynamic Disk with Dynamic Disk Converter in Vista.

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter is a main technical breakthrough, which not only solves the invalid or inaccessible dynamic drives, but also works perfectly on Windows Server and Windows 7/8, to ensure data secure and high efficient services.

1. Select your Invalid Dynamic Disk that you want to repair in the Dynamic Disk List page of the software.

2. And then confirm that the selected disk which you wish to repair, and then click the "Proceed" button to begin.

3. Execute repairing…, the process only take 3~10 secondes.

4. After completing, you need restart the computer to take effect, and then the disk becomes readable and valid status!

The following is a screenshot for reference.

Dynamic Disk Invalid

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