By AOMEI / Last Updated July 12, 2018

Generally, Dynamic Disk is widely used in many fields, not only for Servers but also for personal computers. Dynamic Disk is not the characteristics of hard disks, but the same provided by Windows OS. Such as Windows Professional Edition, Business Edition, Ultimate Edition, Server Edition etc., except for Windows Home Edition. You are able to convert the basic disk into dynamic disk easily through "Windows Disk Management" and experience the features of dynamic disk. But just like other stuffs, you may possible encounter problems, like the common one "Dynamic Invalid", which might be a complicated issue to solve this problem. So what has caused the dynamic disk to be invalid? Basically, there are three reasons as below:

1. Reinstallation of OS: With the popularity of Microsoft Vista and Windows 7/8, more and more users would like to try the new ones and don't use Windows XP or Window 2000. It's just like a fashion or a tread in this industry. Meanwhile, if you use Win XP Professional Edition or Win 2000 Professional Edition, or XP Pro Edition, it can support dynamic disk. But now, you may don't noticed that Windows 7 and 8 Home Edition and Vista Home Edition don't support dynamic disk. So after you have finished the upgrade to the new system Home Edition, then you realized that it is in a status of "Dynamic Invalid".

2. Accidental Power off, virus attack or hardware environment change: when you are doing some operations with the hard disk, accidental power off will cause data incomplete, because certain important data have not written into the hard disk when the disk suddenly powers off. All these may cause the hard drive to be invalid. Secondly, if virus attack damages the LDM data structure of the dynamic disk, your disk might be unable to be recognized. The last cause will be the hardware environment change, like motherboard exchange, which also might cause the hard drive can't be accessed any more.

3. Users might purchase some cost-effective second hand hard disk, which with the same "invalid" problem because it is dynamic disk. Have to format the disk before using it. And you may bring your hard disk to your friend's computer for certain work, but you find that you can't access the user data of your disk, which might also be the reason of hardware environment change.

To simplify all these problems above, you need to find a most suitable method to access the data again when you encounter the "Dynamic Disk Invalid" headache. Fortunately, you are able to use AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter to solve it. You can download a free version from the link: or you can get more information: How to fix Invalid Dynamic Disk with AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter?