By Michael / Last Updated June 25, 2021

Before we do anything, e.g. create hard disk partition, to an existing disk, we first should do the disk data protection. For example, we can use an external hard disk to backup data first. This is to guarantee recovery disk possible and hard disk repair. As a Windows professional partition management software, AOMEI Partition Assistant can make hard disk drive managed by functions like “Resize, Move, Split and Merge etc”.

Click on the unallocated space on the hard drive and select "Create Partition" on the left panel. Or, just right click on the free space and choose "Create Partition". Third but most convenient one:directly choose the object area and press Enter Key.

Create Partition on Unallocated Space

If there is no unallocated space on the hard disk, you can create some using "Resize Partition" feature. Select an existing partition with much free space and choose "Resize/Move Partition" on the left menu or right click to choose "Resize Partition".

Resize Partition

Similarly, choose the partition with enough capacity and click "Create Partition" in the operation list on the left. You can alsoright click on the target partition and select "Create Partition". The third way is directly press Enter Key on the destination partition.

Create Partition with Existing Partition

Click on an existing partition which has enough free space to make it active, then, click "Split Partition". Or, right click it and choose "Split Partition".

Split Partition

Many situations may occur when you need to create one partition. Mainly divide into two kinds: with an unallocated space or without it. The software will automatic detect it when running partition assistant, which will list all of them in the main window and for you to operate.

Although we spend hundreds of words to describe how to do this, it’s really easy for you to operate with few seconds with few clicks. It means to be an easy to use software with simple design interface, so you just load this program and let AOMEI to worry about the complicate technology.

More functions you may use when creating partitions:

Besides the function listed, it has more pratical functions like: Cope Partition; Delete Partition; Format Partition; Change Label; Change Drive Letter; Wipe Partition and Partition Alignment. All these functions are listed in the Partition Operations located on the left.