By AOMEI / Last Updated May 12, 2016

As Windows freepartition editor, AOMEI Partition Assistant provides not only basic functions on partition, but more useful features. Take this one "Hide Partition" for example. Sometimes, certain data just wanted to be protected or just want them hide from others sharing the same computer. OK, let’s see how ot hide a partition using the following steps:

Run AOMEI Partition Assistant, in the partition list, choose the target partition you want to hide. Then there are two ways to get access to "Hide Partition". First is directly choose it from the Partition Operations list; the second is to right click on the target partitionAdvanced to run it.

Hide Partition

Then it will reminds you “Hiding this partition may cause drive letters to change. Would you like to hide the partition”,OK to proceed.

Hide Partition Warn

Then in Pending Operationsarea, you can see the task listed to be done. Then Applyyour operations.

Apply Hide Partition

To un-hide your partitions, you can do the same operations. The hidden partition can be seen in Partition Assistant, but can not appear in My Computeras well as Disk Management. Therefore, you can not un-hide it in Disk Management.

Unhide Partition

After you hide an existing partition, it become hidden partition. Usually, recovery partitions in brand computers (such as Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, Asus, Samsung, Sony, Acer, etc.) is hidden partition, which can restore pc back to its original states without any CD or DVD device when current system fails. There are different ways to get access to these partitions depends on the computer band you are using, but they always set Function Key on the keyboard. F10 or F8 is commonly used. You can find it when booting.