How To Use Hard Disk Recovery Wizard, What is Partition Table - AOMEI

April 25, 2016

When partition table went wrong, partitions may appear none, but it not really gone. You can use hard disk Recovery Wizard in AOMEI Partition Assistant to fix the problem.

When using computer in our daily life, sometimes some certain partition may disappear or system may not boot due to computer virus or inappropriate operations. The root of the problem, is the damage to the hard drive partition tables. Hard drive partition table is set to be the skeleton of hard disk to ensure normal working. Thanks to this table, Operating System is able to divide hard disk into several partitions to create file system and write data.

According to Wikipedia, the term partition table is most commonly associated with the MBR partition table of a Master Boot Record (MBR) in IBM PC compatibles, but it may be used generically to refer to other "formats" that divide a disk drive into partitions, such as: GUID Partition Table (GPT), Apple partition map (APM),or BSD disklabel. An alternative term to generically refer to partition table is partition map.

How To Use Hard Disk Recovery Wizard When Partition Missing?

AOMEI Partition Assistant, professional disk partition software for windows, not only support basic partition jobs, but also has backup and recovery plans for data security. Partition Recovery Wizard is the one specially designed feature for this problem. The following are detailed word-description on how to use it.

Run AOMEI Partition Assistant, in the wizards list choose Partition Recovery Wizard.

Partition Recovery Wizard

Then in the pop up window choose the disk you want recover partitions from, no matter it’s deleted or lost.

Select Recovery Disk

Next to choose search mode: Fast Search or Full Search. Their difference are about speed and area. The previous one is recommended.

Select Search Method

After which you can click Next to select which partitions to recover in the list box. If you don’t know which one is the target, don’t worry, double click it to explore the content for confirmation. And then Proceed to complete the mission.

Select Lost Partitions

How about now, I’m sure you want to found your data. Have a try.