By Michael / Last Updated March 15, 2022

Windows 8 has released for a period of time, and trends popular. How to partition a hard drive in windows 8 like resize, merge, split, create partition is becoming widely concerned. AOMEI released its new version on Partition Assistant, disk partitioning tool, in recent month, this article is going to guide you Windows 8 partition hard drive job in our new version product.

AOMEI Partition Assistant

Usually, we want more space for our system partition, game partition or for some particular purpose, so we had to resize partition size on the same disk. Now my E partition has 135GB capacity, for example. J partition, my game partition has only 6GB, so it’s not enough for a 20GB game. Our job is to resize E partition and extend J partition.

Run AOMEI Partition Assistant on the desktop, then choose E partition in the partition list, then right click or directly choose "Resize/Move Partition" on the left guide bar.

Resize Partition

Slide the little bar on the right top to 20GB free space, click OK to proceed.

Shrink Partition

Now, choose J partition as the target partition, then slide the left bar to extend it with 20GB, OK to Next.

Extend Partition

At last,Apply all the operations on the top.

Take the same situation, E: 135GB, J: 6GB, New Game 20GB, for example too. Besides the resize method we mentioned above, we can use another function - Merge Partitions to do the same job. Click E partition, then Click Merge Partition on the left.

Merge Partitions

In the pop-up windows, choose J as the partition we want to merge, then see the hint below: All data in (J:) partition will be merged into E:\J-drive (Or you can choose J as the display partition), then click OK to go on.

Merge Partition E with J

Apply the operations

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OK, that’s all for Windows 8 hard drive partition of this chapter, the next chapter 2 will talk about other functions in the new version to complete partition Windows 8 hard drive we setted today. Let’s look forwards to that.