By Cherry / Last Updated July 12, 2016

Why need to resize partition?

A few days ago, I found my computer ran slowly. So, I checked the computer. To my surprise, the disk partition has the disorder organization, which means some partition is extremely large and some is especially small. I was angry with this situation, and ask the Internet for help.

What I used are dynamic disk and basic disk, and I need to change dynamic disk size. There is a lot of disk partition software, but it is hard to find a tool to manage both disks. Some just major in basic disk, while others specialize in dynamic disk. Fortunately, AOMEI has snapped the Dynamic Disk Manager into Partition Assistant, which gives me a big surprise.

What does Partition Assistant do?

As it mentioned above, Partition Assistant is a perfect partition manager to manage both dynamic and basic disk. Thus, there is no need to worry about whether it can work or not in my computer, and I can use it to change dynamic disk size without limitation. With its help, it is a piece of cake to operate both disks with resizing, extending, shrinking, creating, formatting, etc. What's more, its convenient interface gives a big hand for all the computer users, including green hand, and all the data in the volumes can be protected.

How to change dynamic volume size?

In order to make the user know it clearly, here, I will show how it works well (choose H: as an example). Of course, a dynamic disk is a precondition in my computer. Otherwise, the Dynamic Disk Manager in Partition Assistant will not show up. Now, let's see how to change dynamic volume size step by step.

Step 1: Download Partition Assistant and open it. You will see the interface below:

Main Interface

Step 2: Launch Dynamic Disk Manager and right click H: to select "Resize/Move Volume". Do as the image, and click "OK" to continue.

Resize Volume

Step 3: Please preview the changes in the window. Then, click "Commit" to take effect.

Just three steps you can change dynamic disk size without limitation. Is it easy? Now, quickly download it to have fun!


Now Dynamic Disk Manager is embedding in Partition Assistant Professional, Server, Unlimited and Tech Edition. In other words, when you download Partition Assistant, you could also manage dynamic disk and basic disk.