By AOMEI / Last Updated July 25, 2017

With the rapid development of the computer technology, more and more Windows users are seeking for a perfect solution to some disk problems. Nowadays, the task of "convert MBR to Guid" has also frequently appeared in many forums. Therefore, a reliable and powerful tool that can resolve this hard issue is what many Windows users want. This article will introduce some possible solutions to this problem.

Comparison between MBR and GPT

  • It can only support the maximum hard disk size of 2TB.
  • It can only support 4 primary partitions or three primary partitions and one extended partition.

On the contrary, the GPT hard disk breaks the two limitations. It can support hard disk up to 256TB, and it supports creating at most 128 primary partitions.

Convert MBR to GUID with Reliable Disk Managers

Windows Snap-in Disk Management and Diskpart Command

The Windows built-in disk managers do have some features to deal with some disk problems. However, as for the task of "convert MBR to GUID", there are some limitations. Both of them can realize the conversion by cleaning all the data and files on the hard disk, which will lead to a great data loss. Therefore, many users have been searching for a powerful tool that can complete the conversion without data loss.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition

As a multifunctional disk tool, AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition, the useful partition magic software which can play a significant role in resolving disk problems. Likewise, it can realize the conversion between MBR and GPT easily and securely. The image below is the main interface of this software.

Convert to GPT Disk

Here come the steps of the conversion process.

  • First, just download partition software, install and launch it.
  • Second, right click the disk that you want to convert, select "Convert to GPT Disk" option in the popping-up window.
  • Then, click "OK" in the pop-up window.
  • At last, click "Apply" on the toolbar to commit the operations.

Note: The BIOS motherboard can not boot the operating system from a GPT hard disk.

In conclusion, if you have the same problem, just download the software and resolve the trouble right away. For more detailed guides, please refer to the article about converting MBR to GPT without data loss.