By AOMEI / Last Updated September 30, 2020

Microsoft has made a lot of efforts in Windows 7 built-in Disk Management that made it become rather powerful comparing to its incapable predecessors. But still, it’s not powerful enough for the users to deal with some tricky issues particularly such as migrate OS or partition mergence. Under some circumstances, If you need to resize your partition, except extending or shrinking partition, other operations will menace data in your partition.

Specialized partition software for Windows always provides us with a better option as well as more convenience. AOMEI Tech’s Partition Assistant is outstanding partition management software with more than 30 functions. Moreover, its reliability has also gained public praise from Windows users all over the world.


Main Functions

As free partition magic alternative, AOMEI Partition Assistant offers multiple functions.

1.Merge Partitions

In Windows Disk Management, one needs to delete a partition first to create an unallocated space, because in fact, Disk Management can only allow a partition to merge with an unallocated space, not another partition. On the other hand, AOMEI PA allows the user to directly merge two adjacent partitions without deleting any one.

2.Copy Partitions/Disk/System

Many users might use this function now or in the near future since it’s a trend that large capacity hard drives have been gradually replacing the old and small ones. With AOMEI PA, the user can copy a certain partition, the operating system or even an entire disk to the new hard drive easily. And they can also resize the partition on the new hard drive as they like in the process.

3.Partition Alignment

The reading and writing speed of a SSD can be slowed down by up to 15% if the partitions are not aligned. Thus Partition Alignment function is good news to SSD users.

4.MBR to GPT

For extra large capacity hard drives, GPT architecture is the better than traditional MBR architecture. AOMEI PA can help the use to convert MBR to GPT and vice versa without data loss.

For you to learn more functions please click HERE.

Tips: As Partition Magic alternative, Partition Assistant has various basic and advanced functions apart from disk and partition copy feature. With Partition Assistant, you can create partition, delete partition,format partition, resize/move partition, extend system partition, shrink volume, split partition,merge partitions, wipe hard drive and partition, convert file system,hide/unhide partitions, set active partition, etc. All the operations can be completed without data loss. Free download and check how powerful it is!