By AOMEI / Last Updated September 30, 2020

Why partition Server 2003?

Most computers come from the factory with a single volume on the hard drive, which means that it shows up as one drive (always as C:). in the computer disk management console. However, keeping your data, applications, and operating system on the same volume can be risky, because, if something happens to the system volume, your computer won't be able to boot up. So it is better to divide the singe partition into several volume s to store data and files separately.

As you know, the disk management tool in Windows server 2003 allows you to create new volume with unallocated space. But when there is no unallocated space on sever 2003 hard disk and its snap-in disk management tool has no Shrink Volume feature, what should you do to redistribute the disk when Diskpart failed to extend the volume either? Then server disk partition manager software is needed.

Partition server 2003 with magic software

Actually, most users consider it as headache to resize partition on Windows Server 2003. The security and stability are undoubtedly the most significant aspects for server computers because a server computer usually stores the most important information and files. So you have to choose a high-quality and reliable software to enhance data protection.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Server is an all-in-one and professional disk management tool. It can shrink volume and then create new volume with the unallocated space easily and safely. Moreover, it can split one large partition into two without data loss.

With its absolutely user-friendly interface, you can partition the hard disk with no professional assistance or experience. Except partitioning hard disk, this tool can also help you extend system volume to fix low disk space problem or copy/clone hard disk to backup important data, etc. So you can download it to optimize your hard disk performance.