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Drive on my SBS Server is too small. The RAID Array is about 40 GB while the C drive is only 9 GB. The C partition is running low space now, which prevents me from installing service packs, extra software, etc. How can I extend the partition without data loss?

From the situation above, it is necessary for user to extend the SBS Server 2003 partition to optimize the system performance. On the other hand, guaranteeing the security of data is of great importance. In this case, to answer this question, let me talk about Windows SBS 2003 firstly and then present you an easy and safe method to extend SBS Server 2003 partition.

A brief introduction of Windows SBS 2003

SBS (Windows Small Business Server) is an integrated server suite from Microsoft. It is designed for running network infrastructure of small and medium enterprises. As for Windows SBS Server 2003, it is designed specifically for smaller network. Compared with the previous SBS, SBS 2003 is endowed with simplicity and more ease-to-use features.

Of course, it includes everything that a small business needs to get connected to the Internet. Like previous SBS, it can establish email; share files and printers; send and receive faxes, etc. This time, it is polished with new features suggested by users, such as backup and restores tools and other functionalities related to security. All in all, it is of high capability of managing your computer.

Diskpart command in Windows SBS Server 2003

Since Windows SBS 2003 is widely used among small and medium enterprises, how do those IT administrators solve the problem of partitioning Windows SBS 2003? Do they use the built-in Disk Management in Windows OS? That’s a common way indeed. Some basic operations like create/ delete/format partition, setting active partition, etc are allowed. But, once you want to extend SBS 2003 system partition, it is not capable enough.

For Diskpart command, it can help solve the problem of extending the SBS 2003 partition. However, when it comes to extend SBS 2003 system partition, it is impossible. What’s more, only when there is continuous unallocated space behind the partition which you want to extend, can you execute the operation of extending partition.

So, there is no doubt that professionalserver partition software with more advanced function is needed. In order to meet your needs, it should resize the server partition without any limitation. Besides, performing other operations in Windows SBS Server 2003 should also be considered.

Server partition manager software to extend SBS 2003 Server partition without data loss

According to users’ feedback, using Partition Assistant Server Edition can be a better choice. It is easy to operate with high safety on the one hand and contains more powerful functionalities to serve Windows SBS 2003 on the other hand, especially for extending SBS 2003 server partition.

Partition Assistant Server Edition enables you to perform basic and advanced operations without data loss on your servers. Such as, resize/copy partitions, copy disk and create/delete/ format/ convert partitions, hide/ unhide partitions as well as set active partition, etc. More important, you can preview the operations before applying to hard disk.

You must be eager to know how to extend SBS 2003 Server partition with this program on earth. Just turning to resize/merge partition function, or resort to Extend Partition Wizard. That’s to say, you can choose to extend system drive via resize/extend feature or by merging two adjacent partitions into a larger one.

Extend Partition Server

As for specific steps on how to extend SBS 2003 Server partition, please click here:

For small and medium enterprises,Partition Assistant Server Edition is really a good choice to manage your Windows OS. You can free download the Partition Assistant Server demo version to have a try.