By AOMEI / Last Updated July 19, 2019

“How can I resize partition in Windows Server 2008?” The question has been asked by many of the users. However, the answer just has been brought out by few. Once the partition has been allocated, it’s very difficult to resize the partition with local Windows Management, for it can only be executed under limited conditions. “Is there any other way that I can realize Windows Server 2008 partition resizing?” Of course the answer is “yes” and here we introduce AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite, a very useful third party partition management freeware for Windows Server 2008.

As a common sense, to resize a partition is to extend or shrink a partition. Under the limitations that Windows Server 2008 Disk Management doesn't allow users to operate "Move Partition" or "Resize System Partition", the extend and shrink process sometimes is unable to operate. But AOMEI Partition Assistant gives all the users of Windows Server 2008 a better option. Such limitations longer exist when you have AOMEI Partition Assistant Installed.

AOMEI Partition Assistant can move the unallocated partition next to the target partition, thus the extension will no longer be restricted by the position of target partition. All you need to do is to make sure that there will be an unallocated partition on your disk. But what if there is no allocated partition yet? Please don’t worry about that, AOMEI Partition Assistant can create an unallocated partition by shrinking an existing partition first (The shrink function can also be found in Windows 7 and Windows 8 Disk Management) and it’s risk free. Once an allocated partition is ready, AOMEI Partition Assistant will move it right next to the target partition to operate the final extension. Compared to Local Disk Management, AOMEI Partition Assistant has less limitation and also is faster in the resize process. Another special feature is that extend system partition is achievable with AOMEI Partition Assistant too.

You may try to download AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Here.....