By AOMEI / Last Updated February 26, 2020

When computer performances get worse or system drive alert low disk, we may consider reinstalling out system, but the residual space is not enough for installing new system. Therefore, question may appear on how to format hard drive in windows 7, to be more specific, how to format system drive; How to solve the low disk space problem, etc, generally, there are two methods on the problems: the in-built disk manager, the other is partition apps.

Take the in-built manager for example, right chick the target disk, then “format”. It is ok and goes well if you click other disk, but not the system drive. That is the disadvantage of in-built manager. Then why still can’t format D partition, it’s not my system drive? Let us carry on, there will be a popup windows telling you cannot format “Pagefie.sys” in this partition. See, that is another drawback of Windows Disk manager. Another shortcoming of Windows Disk manager is that, drives that are larger than 32G cannot format back to FAT32. Therefore, to solve this problems disk manager cannot challenge, partition app is in need.

Before formatting windows 7 hard drives, the “Pagefie.sys” must moved to other place, because it is the Windows virtual memory swap file to store frames of memory.

Main interface of Standard Edition

Then find a partition app, AOMEI Partition Assistant. To solve the low disk space problem, AOMEI provides another way- you can add more space from other partition with larger size in the same disk. By doing this, you do not have toformat window 7. Of course, AOMEI also considered the format method, before the format step, AOMEI will recommend you to do the backup first and defragment the partition with its backup software-AOMEI Backupper.

To solve the larger than 32G drives problem, Partition Assistant Standard Edition can do the conversion without data loss. Click here to download.

Above all, the partition app talked about in this article is easy to use and functional, compared to windows in-built manager and other partition software. It eases conversion, simplified partition and format in windows 7

Now, download free Partition Magic Server - AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Edition to carry out hard disk partition management safely and easily.