By AOMEI / Last Updated February 26, 2020

A new hard drive does not come with partition; we partition hard disk on our own and resize it on our needs. There are many ways to do such things, some of which provide software and the other may use snap-in tools. This passage shares how to do it with freeware.

Main functions of Partition Assistant

This freeware we’re talking about is AOMEI Partition Assistant, an application used for hard disk partition and others. When we first search partition online, we want know information like how to do it or where to buy it. Many of us are the first type: how to do it. To be more specific, we want more knowledge on how many partitions is enough, how to resize partition, how to create new partition, and how to manage partition. etc. That is exactly what AOMEI do in its products.

Main interface of Standard Edition

How to resize partition

Considering hard drive partitioning, the first function Partition Assistant (PA) provides is “Resize/Move Partition”. Guide bar on the left show all operations available on the disk. Let’s get to them one by one to know hard disk partitioning steps

Method 1, Select the target partition, Click Resize/Move Partition on the left, Slide the little circle on the right to appropriate size. Then “OK”. Don’t forget to Click “Apply” on the left top.

Method 2, resize partition and create partition at the same time. After select target partition, you can see “Split Partition” on the third guide. Slide the little ball in the middle of window, identify proper size, and Click “OK”. “Apply” at last.

Skill: Press Enter on the target partition for many time, and you can get new partitions quickly.

How to add more space to source partition

Sometimes we just need more space on system drive or other disk, that is to manage free space on the entire disk. The first two methods mentioned above are kind of management, with another function in the next paragragh, can complete the manage function.

First use Resize partition to make unallocated space, which is about to add into destination partition, if you have more space in partition D for example, you can resize it and click destination partition Choose Merge Partitions on the left. Click “Apply” to finish.

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