By AOMEI / Last Updated December 23, 2014

Do you meet with this condition? having a computer with one partition, Windows Vista installed in it, but recently, you knew that Windows 7 released and has more advantages and functions, so, wish to experience this edition, at the same time, as used to operating Vista, you may hope these two editions exist simultaneously. How can you dual boot Windows 7 under Vista with the support of partition software?

If just has a C partition and system of Vista installed in it, with the hope to install other system of Windows 7, generally speaking, We need create another partition to set up system of Windows 7 to keep the normal running of the whole computer system. As a result, disk partition software is an essential tool to help you create partition, shrink partition.

As the above narration, we just have a C partition, and must shrink this partition to create another partition, it will be handled easily by Partition Assistant, look at the following view, and operate according to the instructions:

Windows 7 System Partition

Drag the sliders to the left until put the ideal space apart. Then, according to clues that system show to you to go on the next step.

Resize System Partition

Next step, create a partition D, click right on the unallocated space, select "create". In the create partition interface, enter a partition label and select a file system and partition type (Primary/Logical) from the list; resize partition size and location by dragging mouse or by direct input to partition size.

Create New Partition

It is finished as long as move the mouse.

It's time to install Windows 7 operating system.
Firstly, load your CD/DVD of Windows 7 to your computer, and reboot computer,
Secondly, choose the right type of installation Custom (advanced) the view shows to you.

Install Windows 7 Under Vista

Moreover, select the right disk and partition (Disk 0 Partition 2) to install Windows 7 system, also do as the prompts.
Install Windows 7

Is it easy? With hard drive Partition software---Partition Assistant, realize dual boot Windows 7 and Vista is a piece of cake. Not only deal with this, but also will get more benefits, for instance, format partitions, delete partitions, assign drive letters, remove drive letters, hide partitions, unhide partitions, permanently wipe disk, etc. You could have a try with the the partition manager free edition.

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