By AOMEI / Last Updated February 26, 2020

Recently, a friend told me his worries that his system partition volume is 12GB, and he need to store both software and system data on it, but there was always a warning that the disk space is low. He was upset because he can do nothing to expand system partition, as built-in partition manager in windows server 2003 couldn’t expand system partition.

So I recommended him some third party disk utilities. After several trying, he decided to use Partition Assistant Server Edition to expand system partition for Server 2003, 2008 (R2), 2012 (R2), 2016 and 2019. He told me it is easy to solve such kind of problem via using this software by only few clicks. He also told me it is indeed portable and safe; all the data are untouched during expanding. He also copied me a features comparison table as below:

FunctionsPartition AssistantWindows Server 2003 Disk Management Snap-in
Expand partition
Shrink partition
Move partition
Create/Delete/Format partition
Assign drive letter
Hide/Unhide partition
Mark a partition as active
Change partition label
Check file system integrity
Check disk bad sectors
Permanently wipe disk data
Support dynamic disk management
Support GPT disk management
Support MBR basic disk

Next, introduces how to expand system partition (C: Drive) on Windows Server 2003.

First step: Open Partition Assistant Server Edition, Choose "Extend system partition", then, look at the picture, select hard disk C to extend.

Partition Assistant

Second step: Click two times "Next", come here. Drag the active bar to any place you want, at the same time, read the following "Partition New Size", here is the fluctuant size of C partition when you expand it.

Repartition Hard Drive

Here you will see drive C: also has some unallocated space, after you expand partition C, see the view:

Extend System Partition

The unallocated space before drive e: and drive k: is used, because they are make room for expand system partition C, also, after occupied then, if it is not enough, go on expanding, D partition will be reduced to clear up some space automatically.

Expand Partition Windows 2003

But, if you don't wish D partition reduced, after download, choose "Partition Management", want to know more detail procedure, read here--- Resize Partition. You can get all functions mentioned in the above excel.

Partition Management

Note: Please click "Apply" after all operation in the tool bar to save to the physical disk.See, it is easy. That is how he managed to expand system partition on Windows server 2003 with the Partition Management Software -- Partition Assistant Server Edition. It is really a good choice for you too. Notice: As Partition Assistant supports windows server 2003, 2008 and Vista/Windows 7/XP/2000, 32bit and 64bit, please choose a right editions based on your OS.