By AOMEI / Last Updated July 22, 2019

Generally, you will optimize your computer after a period of time operation just to make sure your computer works efficiently. You prefer to do the work with the lease time and efforts. Partition management on your hard disk is necessary because it helps you optimize your system and ensure the security of your valuable data.

As we know, general partition management is a relatively simple task for common users through the built-in partition management utilities. But when you need advanced partition management, such as resizing, you need professional software to accomplish a safe partition management that would cause no data loss or system problems.

Besides, when you want to extend the system partition and do the partition allocation process, you need to re-install the system and create a larger volume Drive C: (system partition). This is a time-consuming and complicated work for common users. What you need to do such kind of work is a professional partition assistant to solve the problems for your computer.

Partition Assistant is a professional & comprehensive partition management solution that performs repartitions on hard drives with ease and absolute safety of your data.

Partition Assistant is the best choice for technician-level Partition Management because of its high reliability and security. With Partition Assistant, you can perform basic and advanced partition operations on your computers/servers without data loss, including: resize and move partitions, extend and shrink partitions, create and delete partitions, format partitions, etc. All these changes of partition can be previewed before applying to hard disk and all data is completely protected during all operations and absolutely without any risk of data loss. The following is a screen shot:

Partition Assistant Main Window

What's more, the process of repartition for Windows Server is much easier than any other methods. You may first have a look at how the work starts the process of repartitioning using Partition Assistant:

To create partition

  • First select the segment of unallocated space you would like to create a partition on by clicking on an Unallocated Space in the main window. The Create Partition button will become available on the toolbar, the sidebar and in the context menu of the right click.

  • In the Create Partition dialog, enter a partition label and select a file system and partition type (Primary/Logical) from the list; you can also enter partition size and location using a mouse or by direct input to Partition size. Meanwhile, you also drag and move the graphical Partition Bar to change the partition size or location on the disk.

  • By clicking OK, you'll add the pending operation of new partition creation, and the new partition structure will be graphically represented in the Partition Assistant main window.

    Please refer to the screenshot below:

    Create Partition

To resize/move partition

  • For resize/move partition, you just select the partition that you want to resize in main window, and click the Resize option in shortcut menu to invoke the Resize and Move Partition dialog.

    The screen of the resize and move partition is as follows:

    Resize, Move Partition

You can also use Partition Assistant to realize other functions like delete partition, change drive letter by simple clicks and your computer will finish the partition management tasks using the shortest time.

Isn't it amazing? If you are a common user and you are interested in this you may tryPartition Assistant Professional Edition. If you are a Windows Server user you may try Partition Assistant Server Edition. You can also choose Unlimited Edition based on your needs.