By AOMEI / Last Updated June 30, 2020

There was popular computer program---Partition Magic, which was developed by Power Quest Corporation readily accepted by people for the hard drive management and computer performance improvement several years ago.

With the OSs constantly updated currently, people prefer choose server operating systems for the advanced operate environment and highly working level, however, people can not deal with server partition problems by the partition magic for its limitations on server OSs. All people can do is choose another partition magic server tool as their right hand to finish the partition works.

Undoubtedly, Partition Assistant Server Edition, this widely-applied server partition manager becomes the competent assistant for server users do various partition jobs as its name. Its running main interface clear all the partition detail information (the image icon and digital representation in center) and the operations (sidebar):

Partition Assistant main interface

Besides the above clearly interface, the next straight work wizards also reflected its superiorities we can enjoy.

  1. Improve the computer running speed, Partition Assistant Server Edition allows users extend system partition server 2003/2000/2008 or extend boot partition server 2003/2000/2008 32 and 64 bit.

    Step: select the C: drive, choose the "Extend Partition Wizard" tag on the sidebar, the pop-out window shows the next directly steps:

    Directly extend system/boot partition wizard

  2. Adjust the improper partition size for the better partition manage each and the distinguish them; Partition Assistant Server Edition also helps users resize partition server 2003/2000/2008 32 and 64 bit.

    Step: Image we resize D: drive partition, select D:, choose the "Resize/Move Partition" on the sidebar, the next window can help you finish the following steps (through the mouse dragging or enter your ideal size all available).

    Two ways to realize resize D: partition

  3. Make full use of the unallocated space to store a large amount of data clearly? Create new partition 2003/2000/2008 on it is also allowed by Partition Assistant Server Edition.

    Steps: Choose "Create Partition" on the sidebar until it turned active after selected Unallocated space, the pop-out window shows the create partition information (you can set its information as you wish to do and the size through drag or enter the accurate number).

    Create new partition wizard

There are many advanced and additional operations such as hide partition for partition-protected, convert partition file system from FAT32 to NTFS, wipe hard drivefor the data spied someday and format hard drive, etc.

We can not emphasize the importance of data security and operation stability too much. Luckily, Partition Assistant Server Edition, this partition magic tool guarantee these two significant points absolutely, no matter how complex-accomplished partition operations on Windows server OSs, it always can solve them like a piece of cake. Download now; experience amazing features it gives you.

Partition Assistant Server Edition Download