By AOMEI / Last Updated September 30, 2020

Several years ago, as a forerunner, partition magic brings the great convenience in disk partition. Computer users prefer to choose it instead of reinstalling OS for the better proper partition distribution.

The main reason why there are many partition magic alternatives came out and pleasant accepted by users is partition magic wasn't follow and compatible with the OSs development such as the advanced/widespread server OSs and users' equipments are changed---developed OSs environment bring highly working efficiency.

Certainly, we also cannot ignore the improvement of the built-in disk Management---Windows 7/2008/Vista is already can resize partition, unfortunately, it has many limitations---there must have some unallocated space behind the target partition, if not, the operation can not continue. People have no choice but compelled to reinstall OS.

So, current partition manager software is the right assistance to solve the tough circumstance. Among of them, the outstanding tool---Partition Assistant gained the highly praise for its amazing operate efficiency.

Throughout the technology corporations which are dedicated to the best software development, AOMEITech always with the great enthusiastic. In order to meet the users' demands that built-in disk management left much to be desired, continuous experiments, continuous updates, and they connect all merits in this partition utility.

  1. Free Partition Assistant

    Partition Assistant Standard Edition, which is free partition manager mainly for the majority home 32 bit users. It satisfied the users' basic partition demands like create/resize/format partition and so on with no data destroy, meanwhile, although it is free for use, AOMEITech also supports the technician service to deal with all the users' problems heart and soul.

  2. Partition Assistant Professional Edition

    This version is developed for meeting business 64 bit users' ideal working efficiency desire. Better disk manage brings better computer running performance, sequentially, highly working efficiency follows.

  3. Server/Unlimited/Technician Partition Assistant

    These three versions all support the above two versions features, so do well with advanced partition features like resize partition on server OSs. Certainly, different version support its own outstanding feature---Server Partition Assistant is mainly specialized in resize partition windows server, partition windows server 2003/2008/2000, etc; Unlimited Partition Assistant supports unlimited usage within one company; based on the former two advanced features, Technician Assistant supports unlimited usage within unlimited companies. See more: Edition Comparison. For a company or the cooperation companies, Unlimited or Technician Assistant is the most advisable and economical choice. Just think about how amazing fact that one tool gives the whole companies convenience and indirect profits.

These are partition manager software; AOMEITech does their utmost to carry out all the hindrances which make a great impact on users' daily computer operations. Download now.