By Bryce / Last Updated March 11, 2022

Windows XP is one of the popular personal operating systems, as for it, people who uses computer will be familiar with it; it is developed by Microsoft which is the biggest software developer around the world. Windows XP always offer service for personal users.

Since computer becomes common in our life, but not everyone use computer that know about how to operate it perfectly, even many of them just acquaint with such kinds of condition: how to download movies, music, games, and search for knowledge they need to solve problems, chat with others in daily life, computer just acts as a communication method or a utility to know more about external world for most people in general. But, it is so hard to be special with the internal structure and performance of computer such as disk partition management.

Therefore, when we are under the condition that must install other program to the system partition, or other partitions lack of capacity to store more data and file; then how to expand partition; If one partition capacity is so redundant, how to reduce partition… Questions about disk resize is a trouble, so how to resize disk partition XP without an inbuilt disk management?

Actually, if you pay more attention to the latest development in the area of Internet, you maybe find much information to solve these problems by using third party disk resize utility. Many of them have free partition editions, cost nothing but move your mouse, everything will be OK!

Here introduces Partition Assistant to resize disk:

After download Partition Assistant, install it then, I will tell you how to partition XP for you!
Firstly, we imagine that if you have partition C, partition D, partition E, and unallocated space, here is the interface of your disk condition:

Before resizing disk

1. Resize C: Partition To Get More Space

You must move D and E partition to make the unallocated space near by the Partition C, look at the following view, after your arrow change to be a cross, keep clicking left side of mouse to move like view shows. Then, so does D partition.

Resize or Move Partition

After all done, the unallocated space stands here near by C: drive, the view shows below:

Prepare resizing disk with partition utility

OK, it now is the procedure: you could extend C partition by dragging right slider to the right:

Expand C: Drive

2. Shrink Disk Partition

Set the D: partition as an example below; please drag and drop the right slider to the left for shrinking it.

Shrink Disk Partition

The above paragraph describes the detailed procedure, attention: all operations must click "Apply" in the top tool bar to run.

More: this free partition manager supports disk resize only for 32 bit Windows operating systems including Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 and also can delete data permanently, format partition. You could download it and free enjoy!

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