By AOMEI / Last Updated February 26, 2020

The reasons why resize server partition?

"low disk space"! Are you always bothered by this warning? It means your disk space are running out. But in the last days, users always had nothing to deal with this abrupt condition as computer system never provide such kind of function to resize server partition. When we had to add up data to partition C, but it was lack of space, we had any other choice but backing up files on another disk from partition C at first, then, format disk and repartition disk, resize server partition C, lastly, restore files to partition C. Is it so trouble? After several years, we were brought hope with some third party partition softwarereleased, but meantime, we also need to worry about data security.

Every IT administrator or personal user is looking forward to a more professional and reliable software to resize server partition. Now, with the development of technology, a new edition appeared, it is Extend Partition Software. When users meet with low disk space, you will find it is the most trustworthy software. You can repartition your disk with ease; resize server partition safely as you wish.

Following are views to introduce how to resize server system boot partition by operating the Partition Assistant tool.
You should download the Resize Partition Software, it is the interface:

Firstly, choose the right partition you want to clear up some space here for extending partition C. (If your disk has several partitions, it will be showed on the interface)

Extend Partition Wizard

Secondly, if we choose partition C, move the slider to extend partition at will. (Besides, partition E has shrink)

Resize Server Partition

Thirdly, confirm the process.

Make sure resize partition operation

Fourthly, it is the layout of proceeding of operation.

Resizing Partition C

Look at all operations, it is easy to resize server partition under it help to you. Of course, this kind of professional partition software also can be used to shrink, create, move, wipe data, convert file system and etc.

In addition, the server partition resizing utility is suitable for other kind of system, such as Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2003/2008/2000, Windows Server 32 bit and 64 bit etc. It is economical and expedient for our computer users to resize server partition. With it, you will double the work.

Partition Assistant Server Edition Supports Resizing Server Partition

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