By AOMEI / Last Updated July 27, 2020

About Disk Management in Windows Server 2012

When you need disk partition management for Windows Server 2012, the built-in tool Disk Management may be the first choice. It displays all the information of each partition and disk including type, file system, status, capacity, free space.

For a hard drive, it allows you to convert basic to dynamic disk, and convert empty MBR to GPT disk and back. For a partition, it enables you to partition a hard drive, format a partition, change a drive's letter, shrink or extend a partition, delete a partition, etc.

However, Windows Server 2012 Disk Management is not good enough for all the situations you may face. For example, Disk Management can only extend a NTFS partition when there is contiguous unallocated space behind it. Even when you shrink a partition, the unallocated space generated will be behind the partition shrunk. You cannot add the unallocated space to another partition but this partition you just shrunk, which is not practical.

Moreover, Disk Management can convert basic disk to dynamic disk, but if you want to convert dynamic disk to basic disk, you need to clean this disk to empty disk first. It also requires the disk to be empty to convert to MBR/GPT disk. Therefore, you may need a more powerful disk management tool.

Disk Management replacement

If you are looking for a better way to manage disk partition in Windows Server 2012, especially in Windows Server 2012 to expand disk partition, then AOMEI Partition Assistant Server is a good choice. Unlike Disk Management, it can add any unallocated space, contiguous or noncontiguous space, to any partition on the same hard drive.

It can convert dynamic disk to basic disk without data loss, and convert disk to GPT or MBR disk without affecting OS. In many ways, AOMEI Partition Assistant do a greater job than Server 2012 Disk Management. The functions of this software are listed below:

Resize & Move: solve the problem of low disk space


Merge partitions: merge adjacent or unallocated space to extend volume

Tick Another Partition

Convert to MBR/GPT: convert MBR to GPT disk or back, and your system will remain bootable.

Convert System Disk To Gpt

Split partition: split one big drive into two or more for better management of the data and files.

Split Drive

Migrate OS to SSD: transfer Windows 10/8/7 to another hard drive or SSD without reinstalling Windows.

Migrate Os To Ssd

Copy: move a partition or a hard disk to another place, you can easily transfer data when you upgrade your disk or backup data.

Select Copy Disk

Final words

What's more, there are several "wizards" including Extend partition wizard that guide you through every step of the way, which make the steps even simpler. If you have being worried about the disk partition management for Windows Server 2012/2016/2019, just download the software to "put the axe in the helve".