Free Resize Partition on Windows Server OS!
-Time-limited Events
When my system partition on server OS running out of space, What should I do?
When receive a system warning “Low Disk Space” on server OS, what should I do?
When the partition size on server OS is irrational, what should I do?
Tackle all these problems with one solution
- Resize Partition!!
However, resize partition on server OS is not as easy as on PC, most free partition software could not support working on server OS, such as Windows Server 2003/2008/2012. Do I really need spend money on this single function?
You needn’t do that! Luckily, with today’s special event from AOMEI Technology, the cost for this single operation will be
$0 Charges! Resize system partition on server OS will be free! Watch the video below, your doubts will be remove!!
Today, you could use Partition Assistant Lite without any limited on resizing partition as same as the full Server edition (worth $259). Read rules of the event!

Download Partition Assistant Lite Edition then resize your partition on sever OS in the limited time.

The only rule of this event is time-limited!

Note: Partition Assistant Lite Edition need the network, therefore please make sure your network is normal.

Activity time: from 0:00 10 July to 24:00 12 July!!

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Video Report

    Show you how to free resize partition on server OS with Partition Assistant Lite