By Teresa / Last Updated July 27, 2017

Why do you need free partition magic for Windows 7?

Managing hard disk without the outside help is somewhat a difficult job, because the snap-in Disk Management often cannot meet all our needs. Take the following two cases as examples:

Case 1: With the increasing number of programs, the free space of drive C is becoming less and less, which influence the running of computer seriously, while there is an unallocated space behind D volume, so the first solution occurs to me is extending C drive with the unallocated one. But the bad news is the function "Extend Volume" in Disk Management greyed out and could not work anymore. What's worse, I cannot move the volume to the right location, either.

Case 2: There are so much data in my computer that I feel a little troublesome when finding one kind of them. Therefore, I want to create a new volume to classify and store them. I have two disks installed on my computer and the second one is totally for project storing temporally. Once we finish the work, it would be send to new place and the new project will start on this hard drive. The question is I have to format the hard drive and create new partitions again and again. Is there any simple method that can save my time and effort?

Then how to solve the problems above? How to make up for the flaws of the Windows 7 Disk Management?

Best partition magic freeware for Windows 7/10

As for the questions before, using the third party tool – AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition is a good solution. This software is a free partition magic for Windows 7. With its comprehensive features, we can better manage the hard disk efficiently and easily. It does not only can work for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, but also can protect the data's safety during the whole process of volume management. It is really a right hand to us! This software allows us to move unallocated space next to the partition you want to extend and resize the target partition. What’s more, the “Quick Partition” feature can help to solve the second problem perfectly. The entire process can be completed in a few clicks.

How to make Windows 7 perform better with partition magic

To start our trip, download the free volume manger first and install on the computer, then follow me to look at how the magic works.

A: Extend C drive with unallocated space not right behind it:

Step 1: Launch the software, right click on D volume and choose "Move Partition", in the pop-up window, drag the right slider bar rightwards to the end, click "Ok", and we will see the unallocated space has been next to drive C.

Move Partition

Step 2: Right click on C drive and select "Resize Partition", then drag the slider bar rightward on our demand or just set the particular size in the box below.

Resize C drive

Step 3: After clicking "Ok", we can preview the changes. And in the end, click "Apply" on the tool bar to take them into effect.

B: Quick Partition a data hard drive:

Step 1: Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right Click the data drive and select “Quick Partition”.

Step 2: Configure detailed settings of each partitions. After that, click “Start partitioning”.

specify quick partition

Tips: It will take effect immediately right after you click “Start Partitioning”.

Yes, it is indeed as simple as this! Now free download it to enjoy! You will have a great pleasure.

Extra tips for money saving: