By Teresa / Last Updated August 23, 2019

Why you want to resize Windows 7 partition for free?

There are several reasons that could lead you to change partition size in Windows operating systems. Partition will be fulfilled after a long term of usage. For example, many software, applications or personal files will be stored in these partitions. If you store them in one particular volume, you are likely to find one is almost full and others have redundant free space.

In another case, computers may have unreasonable partition layout when they were shipped by their manufacturers. In some cases, the hard disk has only one partition named C drive. You need to create partition from C drive so that you can manage system files separately with personal files. Absolutely, it would be better if the partition software is free of charge.

Introduction for Windows free partition manager

With AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard edition, users can do operations like resize, merge, split, create, and delete drives. It works well on Win 7/8/10/Vista/XP (both 32bit and 64 bit). Meanwhile, it has more than Standard edition. Professional, Server, Lite, Unlimited and Technician are designed for different user groups. It also supports 7 languages, like English, German, French and so on. When you perform basic disk operations, a preview is available in case there may have some mistakes in pending operations.

What's more, it is free for private and commercial users. You can use it to resize a partition for free in Windows 7 at home and in the office. Easy to operate is one of the most important advantages and it caters to most people requirements. Therefore, it is the best choice for you to shrink or extend partition in Windows 7 or Vista.

Steps to resize system partition in Windows 7 via free software

Before you do all of these operations, please free download this Windows 7 partition resize tool.

Step 1: Open AOMEI Partition Assistant and choose the volume you want to change. Right click it and select "Resize Partition".

Step 2: Drag the slider bar of volume C, or type in the size, then click "OK".

Shrink System Partition

Step 3: Do not forget to select "Apply" on the toolbar to commit all these operations. After that, the following window will show up. Please click "Proceed" and another window will remind you to restart to accomplish the task.

Proceed Resize System Shrink

Note: The procedures of creating new simple volume are nearly the same as the above. You need to choose the option of "Create Partition". There maybe a little difference that you need to fill in more details of the new volume.

Resize New Partition Created From C Drive


  • Above steps could be used to resize Windows 10 partition as well.

  • Although this tutorial allows you to resize partition in Windows 7 without losing data, it is good to backup important data because they may be lost under inappropriate operations.

Windows Disk Manager can do the basically process, but it doesn't have the ability of resizing system drive, extending/shrinking drive or moving volume. Thus, in order to manage the computer better, the third party software is needed. With AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition, you can try all of these functions. All of these procedures just take up a few minutes and all the data will be protected. So, get the free magic tool to have a try.