By AOMEI / Last Updated November 29, 2019

Under the technology age, technology is crucial adjective. People often use computers to do office work or play in life. Maybe you will meet the below situations. Do you buy a computer and after you install system, you may find that your hard drive or disk is not been partitioned well? And you may think about its number of partitions is not enough for your work and life. Or after you use computer for a period of time, and there is much data stored in your hard drives, low disk space problem is obvious. These two situations are common, how will you do to solve the problems? Take it easy! This article will help you.

Disk Management in Windows Server 2003

For some small and medium enterprises, you will choose to install Windows Server 2003 system for work. After they install system, in Windows Server 2003, there is only one partition which is system partition. If businesses want to make use of the space in disk, you must repartition for the entire disk. Or maybe you need four partitions or more, but there is no unallocated space for creating partitions by its disk management. Here is one screenshot for disk management of Windows Server 2003.

Disk Management Server 2003

From this picture, you can know there is no free space, so this tool cannot create partition, you must ensure there is free space, then you can do some disk-related operations, such as create partition, split partition, extend partition, allocate some space etc. If you want to do these tasks, you can choose a professional disk partition software Server 2003 to ask for help.

Disk Partition Software Server 2003 Do Disk Partition Management

To make up for the deficiency of the Disk Management in Server 2003, an excellent, powerful and professional server partition software is recommendable, which is AOMEI Partition Assistant Server. As a third disk partition software, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server is designed for many small and medium businesses to meet the needs for work, which provides users many useful and powerful features to manage disks and partitions. Also these disk-related functions help users to make the best use of disk space, minimize server downtime and give users fast, easy and safe operations. As a disk partition software Server 2003, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server also supports Windows Server 2008 (R2)/2012/2012(R2)/2016/2019 servers and PCs. This software has an all-in-one utility, which is not only disk software, but also can be used for OS migration and clone. Here take disk and partition management as an example. Let’s look at the below sentences.

Create Partition

From the above words, you know disk management cannot create partition if there is no unallocated space. If you want more partitions, one is for system partition, one is for work data storage, and one is for applications. AOMEI Partition Assistant can solve this problem.

First launch this partition software, and open it to its main interface. Right click C drive and select Create Partition.

Create Partition

Then in the pop-up window, specify the size of new partition, the drive letter of new partition. There is one option which is advanced button, you can click it to set partition label, file system and “Partition alignment for SSD” to optimize the performance of SSD and create the new partition as logical partition or primary partition. Click Ok to start this task.

Allocate Partition Size

After finish settings, you can click “Apply” to finish partition create with only three steps. You can create many partitions according to this way for meeting needs.

Click Apply

Resize Partition

After you create partitions and store much data in your C drive, you need more space of C drive for data storage. How to extend C drive? If your other partitions has space not be used, and you can use Partition Assistant to allocate some space from other partitions for C partition, or resize partition to achieve this aim.

1. First right click E drive, and select resize partition or allocate free space to extend C partition. Here take resize partition as an example.

2. Then move the slider to right. The unallocated space will be next C drive. (Note: If you move slider to left, the free space will not next to C drive, you can move partition to let free space behind C partition.)

Resize Partition

3. Then right click C drive, and resize partition. Here you can move slider to right for more space.

Extend C Drive

After all operations finish, click “Apply”.

In fact, these operations are very easy to be done with disk partition software Server 2003-AOMEI Partition Assistant Server. If you want more operations, please download AOMEI Partition Assistant Serverto try.