By AOMEI / Last Updated March 10, 2020

Can’t split C drive in Windows Server 2003 Disk Management

Do you buy a new computer which installs Windows Server 2003 system? If you do it, you may find its partition is only one, which is the system partition. At this time, you must ask why this situation occurs, how to create more partitions if you want to store large and various kinds of data. After calm down, Disk Management may be chosen to shrink c drive in Server 2003 and then create partitions.

However, when you open Disk Management and right-click C drive, there is not shrink volume and create partition feature, that is to say, Windows Server 2003 Disk Management fails to shrink system partition for Server 2003.

Computer Management

A great 3rd party partition software for splitting C drive in Server 2003

When meeting this problem, how to solve and create a new partition in Server 2003 successfully? Don’t worry. Third-party software can give you a favor in disk and partition management. In the market, there are many kinds of software can help manage your disks and partitions, which one to choose?

Here AOMEI Partition Assistant Server is recommendable for Windows Server 2003, 2008 (R2), 2012 (R2), 2016, 2019 users. As an excellent, professional and powerful server disk and partition manager, it can provide many functions, such as create/split/extend/merge/move/resize partition, clone disk/partition, OS migration and so on. As for split c drive Server 2003 to create many new partitions for data storage, it is a professor.

You can download its demo version to have a try at first!

Now, refer to the guidance on how to split system partition in Server 2003 for creating partitions via the software.

Step 1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Server and open it. Here you can see there is only one C drive. Right-click C drive, and select “Split Partition”.

Split Drive

Step 2. Then you can split c drive to create a new partition. Under the below screenshot, you can specify the size and the location of the new partition. In addition, there is another setting which can support partition alignment to optimize the performance of SSD. Then click “OK”.


Step 3. After splitting system partition, you can see there are two partitions, C drive and E drive. And C drive has a large size. Click “Apply” to finish this operation.



  • If you need more than two partitions, you can continue to do according to the above steps. This way can let you easily and quickly split Server 2003 partition to get more partitions.

  • If your Server 2003 system has been repartitioned to many partitions if your data partitions are small, but system partition has much unused space, you can split c drive to create a new partition to store data.


With AOMEI Partition Assistant Server, you are able to split C drive on Server 2003 just within few clicks. Besides, it enjoys many other functions, such as migrating OS to new hard drive, clone disk to disk in Windows Server, converting system disk from MBR to GPT without data loss, etc.