AOMEI Partition Assistant Vs. MiniTool Partition Wizard

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard vs Minitool Partition Wizard? This article will walk you through all the differences between those two pieces of free partition manager software.


By Dervish / Updated on June 24, 2024

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What is the best partition manager software? Partitioning software helps you perform partitioning and disk management of internal or external hard drives, USB drives or SD cards in Windows operating systems.  It's important to choose a free, secure disk partitioning software that meets your disk partitioning requirements and is compatible with your operating system.

When it comes to choosing the best free partition manager software, you may think about AOMEI Partition Assistant vs MiniTool Partition Wizard. Both will help you manage your hard drives and partitions on your computer.

Overview of AOMEI Partition Assistant

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a free disk partition management software which has earned good reputation among worldwide users. It provides all the powerful features of MiniTool.

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When comparing AOMEI Partition Assistant vs MiniTool Partiton Wizard, AOMEI provides more features like Merge partitions in its free versions. When you use it to convert a GPT disk with more than 4 partitions to MBR disk, it will automatically convert the extra partition to logical partition instead of giving you an error message. Besides using its interface to manage disks, AOMEI also allows you to use command line to partition your hard drive.

Operation On Partition Std

Overview of MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard Free, designed by MT Solution Ltd, allows users to perform all the operations regarding disk and partition management, including resizing, creating, moving, deleting partition, and initializing, cleaning, converting disk.

Besides, it can also be used to transfer data from hard drive to SSD or another hard drive. It supports 32/64 bit of Windows 7, 8,10, and 11.


When comparing AOMEI Partition Assistant versus MiniTool, you may find out that MiniTool will not allow you to add unallocated space to a nonadjacent partition. This function is called Merge Partitions and is enabled only in the paid version of MiniTool. Nevertheless, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard has provided this function for free.

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What is the difference between AOMEI Partition Assistant and MiniTool Partition Wizard?

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard and MiniTool Partition Wizard are both popular partition managers for Windows that allow users to create, resize, move, merge, split, and delete partitions on their hard drives. While both tools share many similarities, there are some differences between them that might make one more suitable for your needs than the other.

Features MiniTool Partition Wizard Free AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard
Resize, move, split, copy, create, format, delete, align, wipe partitions, etc.
Partition recovery, disk copy, wipe hard drive
Convert partition between primary and logical drive
Convert disk between MBR and GPT partition styles
Convert NTFS to FAT32 without formatting
Migrate OS to SSD/HDD without reinstalling
Create bootable CD
Merge partitions, merge unallocated space
Windows 10/8 To Go Creator
Command line partitioning
Business usage
Free technical support
Support Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32/64-bit)
Support Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019/2022 (32/64-bit)

Overall, both AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard and MiniTool Partition Wizard are reliable and efficient partition managers for Windows. It ultimately depends on your needs and preferences and which one to choose. If you want to fulfill more and richer needs, it is highly recommended to choose AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

Free Download Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
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FAQs About AOMEI Partition Assistant vs Minitool Partition Wizard

This part will provide more related questions about AOMEI and Minitool, continue reading if you're interested.

1. Is AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional worth it?

Of course, AOMEI Partition Assistant offers a full range of features including partitioning, recovery, cloning, formatting and more. In addition, as a bootable USB management tool, it also provides some advanced features, such as boot repair, password reset, etc. AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is also a good choice for those who are looking for an easy way to boot up their USB devices.

2. Is MiniTool Partition Wizard bootable?

MiniTool Partition Wizard provides bootable media to help users extract ISO files and burn bootable USB flash drives.

3. What are the limitations of AOMEI partition Assistant demo?

AOMEI Partition Assistant cannot perform the actual operation when clicking the "Apply" button in the software.

MiniTool Partition Wizard ® is a registered trademark of MiniTool Solution Ltd.

AOMEI Partition Assistant ® is a registered trademark of AOMEI Tech Co., Ltd.

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