All-inclusive Hard Disk Partition Management Toolkit for Enterprises and MSPs

AOMEI Partition Assistant Technician is a valuable and independent hard disk management and partition software. It is suitable for enterprises with multiple subsidiaries, allowing them to manage large distributed groups of PCs and servers at multiple locations. Additionally, it is designed for service providers to generate new revenue streams by providing paid technical services to their clients.

Unlimited Activations

With a single Technician license, you can activate the program on an unlimited number of PCs and servers.

Multiple Locations

Suitable for the enterprise which has multiple branches at different locations. No extra charge for increasing branches.

Revenue Stream

For IT professionals, system administrators, technicians, and consultants to provide billable technical support as a service to unlimited clients.

Solve Hard Disk Problems for Enterprise in Minutes

Reliable Disk Partition Toolkit

AOMEI Partition Assistant providing users with a wide array of features and functionalities for efficient and flexible disk partition management. Whether it's resizing, moving, merging, deleting, or formatting partitions, AOMEI Partition Assistant offers a user-friendly interface and robust capabilities to meet the diverse needs.

I have used the program a couple of times to reduce the D: drive’s volume and increase the C: drive. The program works very well. Very simple to use, and I never worry about data loss.
-- IT Engineer

System and Data Migration Software

Migrate Windows OS to SSD/HDD without reinstalling everything, fully bootable like in the original location. Transfer app or big folder from one drive to another drive without any data loss. Clone all content of one disk or partition to another one with the "Disk Clone" or "Partition Clone".

I used this software to migrate Windows 10 to SSD for improving PC’s performance and move some big applications from C: drive to D: drive to free up more space. It is fast and safe, all data has been transferred completely. Highly recommended.
-- System Administrator

Holistic Solution for Optimizing PCs’ Performance

Involved a combination of several techniques and tools to improve the overall performance of a computer. Include PC Cleaner, Delete Large Files, Disk Defrag, etc.

It did a good job that helped us improve the performance of our PCs. This greatly improved our efficiency.
-- Chief Operating Officer

Safely Hard Disk Converter

Easily convert GPT to MBR, or convert MBR to GPT for full use of disk larger than 2TB. Convert dynamic disk to basic disk, and vice versa without any data loss. Convert logical partition to primary partition, convert primary partition to logical partition safely. Convert FAT32 to NTFS partition, or convert NTFS to FAT32 partition with data safe.

I use it to convert my 3TB disk from MBR to GPT for full using. It’s easy and safe.
-- IT Professional

Data Protector

A data breach may cause an immeasurable losses of enterprises. The functions “file shred”“wipe partition”“wipe hard drive”“secure erase SSD” will erase data permanently to make sure no one can revert the deleted data back, ensure no data breach; while, partition or data recovery will help you avoid data loss.

All our members are using Partition Assistant to shred files, or clean disks. Data breach protection is very important to us, and it helps a lot! Thank you!
-- Corporate Senior Manager

Powerful & Useful Tools

Create a bootable media to troubleshoot problems or recover data when system fails to boot with Make Bootable Media. Bring your own device(BYOD) and take your own work environment everywhere via Windows to Go Creator. Copy the AOMEI Partition Assistant to a removable device so that directly run it on target computers without installing. Windows Reset Password will help you reset or remove the Windows login password.

I used Windows To Go Creator of Partition Assistant to realize BYOD. That is cool, and now, I can work at home with the same operating system as my office’s.
-- Technician

Tech Specification

Supported Operating System
Windows Server 2022
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2
Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2
Windows Server 2003 and 2003 R2
Windows SBS 2003, 2008, 2011
Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
Supported File System
exFAT/ReFS *
Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 *
Bitlocker, other file systems *
* The file system cannot be resized but you can create, delete, format, move and copy them.
Supported Device Types
All hardware RAID
IEEE1394 (FireWire)
USB 3.0/2.0/1.0 disks
Removable devices
Virtual disk partition
UEFI/EFI boot device

Why Choose AOMEI Partition Assistant Technician?


Improved algorithms to ensure a faster & safer process of disk management to minimize Server downtime.

100% Safe

Enhanced data protection technologies to keep data safe.

Completely Simple

Flexible and adjustable drag & drop interface making what was complicated simple.

100% Reliable

We have focusing on partition management over 14 years, and has been approved by 60+ million users over 180+ countries.

How It Works?

  • Convert MBR Disk to GPT
  • Migrate OS to SSD
  • Allocate Free Space
  • Step 1

    Select "Convert to MBR/GPT".

    Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant, click “Convert” and select “Convert to MBR/GPT”.

  • Step 2

    Click "OK".

    Confirm the conversion by clicking "OK" if there is no problem.

  • Step 3

    Click "Apply".

    Finally, click Apply at the toolbar to execute the proceed.

  • Step 1

    Select "Migrate OS".

    Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant, click “Clone” and select "Migrate OS".

  • Step 2

    Select a target disk.

    Choose the new hard drive here as the target disk and click "Next".

  • Step 3

    Resize system partition.

    Specify the size or the location of the partition being created.

  • Step 4

    Click "Apply".

    Click "Apply" to submit all pending operations.

  • Step 1

    Select "Allocate Free Space".

    Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right-click the partition which you want to allocate free space from and select "Allocate Free Space".

  • Step 2

    Choose the size and destination drive.

    Type in the size of the free space which you want to cut from the partition and this free space will be directly added into the destination partition.

  • Step 3

    Click "Apply".

    Click "Apply" to commit this operation. After that, another window will show up. Please click "Proceed".

Looking for Help?

How about the license privilege?

1 license of AOMEI Partition Assistant Technician is provided for one technician to serve unlimited PCs and Servers.

Who need it?

Enterprises that have multiple branches. Service providers such as IT professionals, system administrators, technicians, and consultants. Technicians who want to make revenue steam.

Can Partition Assistant convert partition from FAT to NTFS?

Partition Assistant allows you to convert file system from FAT to NTFS fast and safely. Of course, you can use "convert.exe C: /FS:NTFS" in command prompt line to complete the conversion. Or you can use Partition Assistant command order "partassist.exe /fmt:F /fs:ntfs /label:test" in command prompt to do this.

After migrating OS, will the source system be deleted or not bootable?

Migrating system won't take any effect on source system. The source system won't be deleted and it can still boot as normal. If you do not need the source system any more, you can remove it manually.

Does Partition Assistant support dynamic disk?

Yes. Partition Assistant has built-in Dynamic Disk Manager. When you launch Partition Assistant, you can see Dynamic Disk Manager application on your dynamic disk volume.

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