By AOMEI / Last Updated May 15, 2020

About Dell ExtPart

Dell ExtPart is a disk partition management utility. It supports old version of Windows like Windows 2000, which does not come with Disk Management or DiskPart.exe, so users running old Windows system like to use ExPart to extend or shrink partitions online, which means you can extend system partition without shutting down your computer. However, it is not perfect. When you try to expand C: drive using extpart.exe you get the error Dell Extpart unable to connect to C or it doesn't exist. Is there a way to fix this without cause downtime?

How to fix ExPart failed to connect?

This error will happen when some applications or services is locking the partition to be extended. Therefore, to fix this, you can try to disable or close some of services and applications that may affect this.

1. Close all the other applications or programs that have the ability to manage your hard drive, for example, Disk Management.

2. Disable system protection temporarily.

3. Make sure there are no backups running in the background.

4. Disable some services that will not cause system running into problem, like Volume shadow copy, Windows Search.

5. If ExtPart is unable to connect c drive after trying all these steps, you can reboot your computer into Safe Mode where only some basic services and drivers will run. In Safe Mode, no applications will stop ExtPart from extending your system volume.

If, however, you are not satisfied with this workaround, you can use another free partition manager software to help you to expand any partitions.

Better way to extend partition

Instead of doing all these steps to make ExtPart to work, you can try another free program, such as AOMEI Partition Assistant, to extend partition without limitations. While using this freeware, you will not be interrupted by other services or programs with something like Dell ExPart error. It can not only extend a partition with contiguous unallocated space, but also allow you to add unallocated space to any partitions on the same hard drive by using Merge Partitions. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1: Download and launch it as administrator, and then it will bring you its intuitive interface.

Main Interface

Step 2: Right click on C: drive and select "Resize Partition".


Step 3: At a pop up window, drag the right end of the partition rightwards to expand the partition and then click "Ok".

Adjust Size

Step 4: Now, you can see how it will look like after the operation. If that is what you want, click "Apply" to apply these changes.


In a short while, the process will be complete and you will be out of the Dell ExPart unable to connect to C or it doesn’t exist problem. Besides, AOMEI Partition Assistant has many other useful functions like OS migration to SSD, disk copy, andWindows to go creator. In addtion, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional offers Allocate free space function to extend partition, Convert system disk between MBR and GPT, convert dynamic disk to basic, and more. if you're a server user, you can try AOMEI Partition Assistant Server.