How to Move Microsoft Office to Another Drive in 2 Different Ways?

How to move Microsoft Office to another drive easily and securely? You may find there is no move button in App & Features and don’t know how to start the program transfer. So, in this post, I’ll introduce 2 different ways to help you get it done.


By Michael / Updated on March 28, 2024

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Can I move Microsoft Office to another drive?

"I purchased Office 2016 online several days ago and installed it on my computer. However, it wasn’t installed on my large spinning D drive where the previous Office 2007 had been. I don’t think the installation process asked where I wanted the programs to be installed, but I may have missed it. Can I move Microsoft Office to another drive? Appreciate for any help!"


The Microsoft Office suite is widely utilized in households, colleges, and offices. Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are among the Microsoft Office programs that amass substantial quantities of data gradually. This may result in performance degradation and storage capacity issues on the primary drive. In this post, we'll show you how to safely move Microsoft Office to another drive.

Why move Microsoft Office to another drive?

Large files can take up numerous storage space on the C drive which leads to the C drive full issue and slows down your PC. Microsoft Office, by default, is installed in the C drive. It will take up more space on the system drive.

Migrating Microsoft Office to aother drive that possesses sufficient storage space guarantees an optimal partitioning of office-related data and system files. This provides enhanced document management and organization capabilities, in addition to an additional safeguard against data corruption or loss.

However, it’s not easy to transfer Office to another hard drive or drive because you can’t simply copy the program to another location which causes boot file loss and prevents you from smoothly launching the program.

Windows provides App & Features to move some programs that are installed by default to other drives. But, Microsoft Office is not installed this way, and in this case, there is no move button.

move button missing

How to move Microsoft Office to another drive manually?

As we've mentioned above, to transfer Office to another drive, you can’t just copy and paste it to another location. The first way to get it done is to use Registry Editor. By using it, you can change the install directory to install Office on another drive with ease.

1. Hit “Windows +R” to bring up the Run box and type “regedit” in it. Hit “ENTER”.

2. In the editor window, follow the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion.

3. Find ProgramFilesDir, and then, change value data to the new location.

Move Office Registry

How to move Office to another drive with a better alternative?

Registry Editor is a good tool to transfer Microsoft Office between 2 drives, however, it’s a little bit complex, especially for those novices who are not proficient enough in computer. Don't worry, there is another easier software to help with the program transfer.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is powerful disk management software. By using it, within only a few clicks, you can move programs and Apps including Microsoft Office 2019, 2020, 365, OneDrive, and games from your current location to another drive (from an internal drive to an external drive, from the c drive to the d drive) without any data loss.

You can tick multiple programs or Apps and transfer them simultaneously. Moreover, apart from this program moving feature, this software also allows for disk clone, partition clone, OS migration, and deleting large files.

How to move Microsoft Office from one drive to another? Try this impressive disk manager to make it effortless.

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Step 1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional on your computer. After that, disks and partitions’ info will be displayed on your screen.

Step 2. Follow “Free up” > “App Mover”.


Step 3. In the App Mover window, select the C drive where Microsoft Office is and hit “Next”.

select the c drive

Step 4. Tick Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and select another drive as the destination drive. Hit “Move”.


Step 5. Hit “OK” to confirm the prompt and then, the program transfer will start.


Step 6. After it’s one, click on “Finish”.

Now, navigate to the location where moved Microsoft Office is and check whether it runs smoothly. If it can’t be launched successfully, you can use the restore feature to send it back to its original location.

restore apps


For beginners, it’s not an easy job to transfer Microsoft Office from one drive to another. Usually, people try directly copying the program to another location. However, the result is not always satisfying for boot file missing. So, how to move Microsoft Office to another drive securely?

Luckily, in the post above, you can find the answers. 2 different ways are given to help make the transfer. The first way is for professional users in which changes should be made to Registry Editor; The second way, using AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, is much easier and more secure, which only takes several steps, with a restore button included.

If you want to use this software on a Server machine, you might as well try the Server edition.

Michael · Staff Editor
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