How to Repair Corrupted Hard Disk in Windows 10/8/7?

Don’t know how to repair corrupted hard disk when the damage occurs? Refer to this article to learn the methods of doing this operation.


By Dervish / Updated on May 12, 2023

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“I have an old hard disk, just from a few years ago, which worked perfectly until now. Recently, I try to open it but find it not accessible. It has got corrupted? Is there anything I can do instead of going to a professional repair center? Thanks in advance.”

Why hard disk corrupted?

If all of a sudden your hard disk does not accessible, you know there is something wrong with the hard disk. What cause corrupted hard disk? The main causes of hard disk damage can be summarized as follows:

1. Abnormally cut off the power supply for the hard disk. (eg: suddenly power off when powering on and off.)

2. Wrong partition operation.

3. Dangerous habits during the Windows initialization and use. (If the users load too many things in the startup group, the initialization of Windows will take a lot of time, and it may cause a crash.)

4. Damage caused by related inferior accessories. (If the user buys a poor quality data cable, a poor quality power supply or a poor quality motherboard will cause damage to the hard disk. Therefore, users are advised to choose a good brand with good reputation when selecting accessories.)

How to repair corrupted hard disk?

Once the hard disk is corrupted, you may not be able to access the data on it. Thus you need to repair the corrupted hard disk. But how to fix corrupted hard dive? Here provides you two methods to complete this operation.

Method 1. Repair corrupted hard disk with Windows built-in tool

If your hard disk is corrupted, you can use the Windows built-in tool –Diskpart to repair corrupted hard disk. Formatting is the most popular solution for users to repair the corrupted hard disk. And Diskpart can help you format your corrupted hard disk easily. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Press “Windows” + “R” to open the Run box, typing “diskpart” and press “Enter”.

2. And then, type the following command and press “Enter” after each.

list disk

select disk n(here “n” is the disk number of the disk you want to format.)


create partition primary


select partition 1

format fs=ntfs (If you want to format the disk into other file system like FAT32, replace the command with “format fs=fat32”.)


After that, the corrupted hard disk can be forcefully formatted in a few minutes.

Method 2. Repair corrupted hard disk via third party software

If it doesn’t work after you do the operation above, you can also use the built-in CHKDSK to check the disk error. But if you don’t want to use command prompt to do this operation, you can turn to a third party free corrupted hard disk repair toolAOMEI Partition Assistant. It provides easy-to-use disk partition management. And it is perfectly compatible with the current mainstream operating system like Windows 10/8/7. See the steps below:

Step 1. Download, install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right click the partition of the corrupted hard disk and choose “Check Partition” under “Advanced” tab. 

Check Partition

Step 2. In the pop-up window, select the way of checking errors to perform and click “OK”.

Select Check Options

Finally, wait for the process to finish. 


Follow these simple steps, you can easily and effectively repair the corrupted hard disk. AOMEI Partition Assistant is such a useful corrupted hard disk repair tool. Besides check partition, it also provides you many other powerful functions such as Resize/Delete/Format Partition, repair MBR and so on. What’s more, AOMEI Partition Assistant can also help you torepair corrupted MBR too. In order to keep the data safe, you’d better back up your data regularly. If you want to do partition alignment, you can upgrade to AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to do this operation.

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