How to Use a Old Hard Drive with New Computer

If you want to know how to use a old hard drive with new computer, get specific steps in this post that also covers a full guide on how to transfer old hard drive to new one with a reliable disk cloning tool.


By Hedy / Updated on October 9, 2023

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Can I use old hard drive with new computer?

In short, the answer is YES. You can integrate your old hard drive into your new computer while protecting your critical data, applications, and personalized Windows operating system. Installing directly onto a new computer is a viable option.

However, if your new system comes with an SSD, it is highly recommended to leverage a powerful disk cloning tool such as AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to clone the old hard drive to the new drive. This ensures a seamless transfer, preserving every aspect of your setup and maintaining optimal performance from your new computer.

How to use a old hard drive with new computer?

To effectively help you use the old hard drive on the new computer, we will show you the specific steps of two methods in detail.

Part 1. Add old hard drive to a new computer

Using an old hard drive with a new computer is a common practice and can be done in a few simple steps. Here's a general guide on how to install it onto a new PC:

Step 1. Ensure that the old hard drive has the same interface as your new computer. If they don't match, you may need an adapter or an additional cable.

Step 2. Power off your computer and open the case by following the instructions in your computer's manual.


Step 3. Identify the ports on the motherboard. Connect the data cable to the old hard drive and the motherboard. Then, connect the power cable to the old hard drive.


Step 4. Secure the old hard drive in an available drive bay using screws. If it's a desktop computer, there will typically be brackets or slots to secure the drive.

Step 5. Close the case of the new computer and secure it with screws.


Step 6. Power on the new computer. And then, you can enjoy the old hard drive on it.

Note: Keep in mind that if the old hard drive has an operating system installed, it might not work optimally with the new hardware. In such cases, a fresh operating system installation on the new computer might be a good idea. And then connect the old hard drive with the new computer as additional storage.

Part 2. Transfer old hard drive to new one

In fact, most users wish to use old hard drive on their new computer because they are reluctant to throw away the data stored on it. Thus, the second way is to transfer hard drive to new computer without reinstalling Windows 10. To this end, we bring you a reliable and trusted disk cloning tool called AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to help with disk clone from old hard drive to new drive on the new computer.

With the "Clone Disk" feature of AOMEI software, you can easily realize the hard drive transferring without reinstalling Windows 10 and don't need to worry about any data loss. After cloning, your new disk will look exactly like the original one.

Here is a stepwise guide on how to transfer old hard drive to new computer without reformatting:

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Step 1. Take out the new disk from your new PC and connect it to your old computer. Install AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional on your device. Go to "Clone" and "Clone Disk".


Step 2. Select a disk clone method as you like. "Clone Disk Quickly" is chosen by default, which clones only used space for another disk.


Step 3. Select your original hard drive as the source disk and click "Next".


Step 4. Then select your new hard drive as the destination disk and click "Next". Tick "Optimize the performance of SSD" to align SSD partitions if the destination disk is SSD.


Step 5. Then, you are allowed to resize the partitions on the new disk. Select the one you like and click "Next". If you don't know which one to choose, just keep the default choice.


Step 6. After reading a note, click "Finish" and then click "Apply" to commit the operation.


Step 7. After that, reinstall the cloned hard drive back to new computer. Restart your new PC to make sure it can be recognized, and begin to enjoy it.


How to use a old hard drive with new computer? This article has given two available ways with every specific step. Both of them are appliable. By comparison, it would be better to transfer hard drive to new computer without reinstalling Windows 10 using AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, so you can enjoy your new computer and new disk with original data at the same time.

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