By Ailsa / Last Updated February 26, 2020

What is HP Tools Partition?

HP_Tools Partition is designed to store all the files for system diagnostics tools, including HP_WSD.dat, HPSF-rep, MediaID.bin, Recycle Bin files and a named HEWLETT-PACKARD folder. This HP_Tools partition is labeled E drive usually, which is a tiny primary partition formatted to FAT32 on the main hard drive in your computer. It’s around 100MB, and has much less available space than other partitions. Therefore, you’d better not to save any files, backups or program on HP_Tools drive. In addition, you can access the HP_Tools Partition after pressing F2 on startup to use system diagnostics.

About HP Tools Partition Full

However, many users have reported a problem about HP_Tools partition: I bought a HP laptop 3 month ago, I stored some files on my hard disk, but I have started getting a pops up saying that you are running out of disk space on HP_Tools (E:). Click here to see if you can free space on this drive. Then I clicked and the only thing listed is the empty Recycle Bin. I’m using Windows 10, and I just can’t solve it, please help.

HP Tools E Partition Full

As we mentioned, if you store some files on the HP_Tools drive, or if a backup or restore program uses the HP_Tools drive, you will find the free space on it will be filled up soon, you probably get the low disk space error message and you could not use the system diagnostics. How to clean up some unnecessary files on HP_Tools E drive in Windows 10?

2 Ways to Fix HP Tools Partition Full Problem

To disable the HP tools partition full error, there are two ways to fix this.The first way, make sure you have turned off the system protection for HP Tools drive, then remove these files unrelated to system diagnostics from that partition, here are the steps:

  • Right click Computer, select Properties>System Protection.

  • In next window, highlight the HP Tools partition E: drive in Protection Settings, then click Configure.

  • Tick Turn off the system protection at the new pop up window.

  • Then you can remove any backup or restore files and folders on HP_Tools partition to disable the HP Tools partition low disk space error.

Notes: Do not delete the items HP_WSD.dat, PSF_Rep, Recycle Bin, or the Hewlett-Packard folder! Otherwise, you cannot use system diagnostics properly. Furthermore, you’d better change the default backup location to other drives.

Another reliable way is to remove HP Tools drive with the powerful disk partitioning software-AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, before deleting it, please copy the HP Tools partition to another external hard drive or backup the drive first. Here is how it works:

Free download AOMEI Partition Assistant, install and launch it.

To resolve HP laptop HP Tools partition full issue, in the main window, right click the HP Tools E drive and select Delete Partition.

Delete Partition

Choose the recommended way to delete HP Tools E partition as an unallocated space.

Delete Option

Click Apply to confirm to remove HP Tools E drive.


How to Create HP Tools Partition in Windows 10?

Theoretically, if you want to recreate HP Tools partition in windows 10, you can create partition on that small unallocated space (the space after you deleting), then copy all the files associated with system diagnostics from external hard drive to the HP Tools E drive. The steps listed below:

Run AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, right click the unallocated space, and chooseCreate Partition. Then clickApply.

Create Partition

After that, select the external hard drive, then choose Copy Partition to copy system diagnostics files from the external hard drive to HP Tools E partition.

Copy Partition


Every problem has several corresponding solutions to resolve. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard also has the ability to merge unallocated free space to another partition, format partition, recover HP Tools partition if you have deleted accidently, etc. The Professional edition could allocate free space from one partition to another one, convert primary partition to logical, and many more. If you have other solutions or problems, please contact us.