Is Driver Easy Safe? All Your Concerns about Driver Easy Are Here!

Is Driver Easy safe? Is it legit or good? What is Driver Easy? All your concerns will be addressed in detail in this post.


By Irene / Updated on January 8, 2024

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If you've faced performance problems due to outdated drivers on your Windows system, you may consider Driver Easy for assistance. This post aims to answer the crucial question: "Is Driver Easy safe?" with other topics that users are concerned about most including Driver Easy legit, what is Driver Easy, is Driver Easy good, and so on.

We'll explore its features, reputation, and real user reviews and experiences to give you the necessary insights for making an informed decision about integrating Driver Easy into your driver update routine. Let's begin!


Overview of Driver Easy

Firstly, what is Driver Easy? Driver Easy by Easeware claims to be a powerful Windows utility for automatic scanning, updating, and fixing system drivers. It features Offline Scan, manual driver updates, and the ability to hide devices from update prompts. The program promises faster Windows Updates downloads and displays detailed system information.

Users appreciate its user-friendly interface and one-click driver installation, especially for resolving driver-related problems and crashes. However, criticism targets the limited functionality of the free trial version, with many features reserved for the premium version. Some users express skepticism about driver update utilities, suggesting alternatives like relying on Windows Update or visiting manufacturers' websites for updates.

In conclusion, while Driver Easy is praised for ease of use, caution is advised due to some drawbacks. Users are encouraged to assess their needs and preferences, recognizing that while not essential, the program can be a convenient option for hassle-free PC maintenance. After the brief reviewing about the utility, let’s move on the next important topic: Is Driver Easy safe?

Is Driver Easy safe?

Other topics that people are concerned about are “Is Driver Easy safe” and “Driver Easy legit”. Driver Easy is a generally safe and legitimate tool, specifically crafted to assist users in efficiently managing and updating their drivers. Here are key details to consider when choosing it for performance enhancement:

1. Official source: Ensure you download Driver Easy solely from its official website to eliminate potential risks associated with unauthorized sources, such as malware or compromised software versions.

2. Reputation: With a track record spanning several years, Driver Easy has accumulated positive reviews, solidifying its popularity among users seeking a straightforward solution for driver updates.

3. Security measures: Driver Easy prioritizes user security and privacy. The software is devoid of adware or malicious components. It establishes a secure connection for downloads and employs HTTPS for data encryption during online interactions, ensuring a safe user experience.

4. System compatibility: Although Driver Easy aims for accurate and up-to-date driver updates, it's advisable to be cautious about potential compatibility issues. Before proceeding with any updates, review driver details and perform backups to mitigate any unforeseen complications.

In summary, adhering to the official source, considering its positive reputation, acknowledging the implemented security measures, and conducting compatibility checks contribute to the overall safety and reliability of using Driver Easy.

Further reading: Other safe and effective ways for PC performance enhancement

If you want to enhance your Windows PC performance, it is strongly recommended to choose AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. This is a comprehensive computer management toolkit that can offer various safe and effective ways based on different needs.

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Here, we will introduce several of the most popular and effective methods as favored by users.

Method 1. Use 4K Alignment to improve PC performance

4K alignment enhances SSD performance by aligning its physical storage space with hard drive partitions, ensuring efficient data processing. Failure to run 4K alignment can lead to prolonged read and write times, resulting in sluggish PC performance. Follow these steps to check and perform 4K alignment using AOMEI Partition Assistant:

Step 1. Open AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. Choose a partition from the SSD, then right-click and select “Advanced” > “Partition Alignment.”

Step 2. A mini window will appear. Choose a partition sector to align (click "4096 Sector" for 4K Alignment, or select based on your requirements).


Step 3. After the operation, click "OK," return to the main interface, and confirm the operations by hitting the "Apply" button.


By applying 4K alignment, you optimize SSD performance, ensuring quicker and more effective data processing.

Method 2. Move installed programs to another drive

Keeping enough space on your main drive (usually C drive) is crucial for a well-running Windows PC. If the C drive gets too full, your computer slows down. Unused programs on the drive use up resources needed for essential files, impacting performance.

You don't need to uninstall those programs. AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional has a feature called App Mover. It lets you move installed programs from the full C drive to another drive with more space. This frees up room on C drive without losing your apps. It's a simple way to speed up your Windows PC and keep it running smoothly.

Step 1. In the main interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, click “Free up” on the top panel, then select “App Mover”.

Click App Mover

Step 2. Here, click “App Mover” to move applications. Or, you can also move folders to a different drive if you need.

Two Options

Step 3. Then, select the drive where the applications you want to move located and click "Next".

Select Partition

Step 4. Choose apps and select the destination drive, then click "Move".

Move Installed Adobe

Step 5. Finally, click "OK" to begin the process.

Click Installed

Final words

This post introduces about “is Driver Easy safe?” and other concerned topics about this utility. Besides, it also brings other safe and effective ways for PC performance enhancement with AOMEI Partition Assistant.

You can also use this multifunctional software to expand drive space, clone disk, convert MBR/GPT, manage partitions, and so on. For Windows Server users, it offers the AOMEI Partition Assistant Server edition.

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