By Michael / Last Updated May 12, 2023

Do You Know Something about Partition Magic Trial

Disk partition management has been an essential part of the life of every computer user, especially in such circumstances, System C drive is full or running out of space; No free space in C drive after installing Windows updates and applications; Windows pops up “Low Disk Space” warning and ask you to free up space; Need to resize partition, extend C drive on Windows Server without reinstalling or rebooting; Looking for Windows Server Partition software to manage disk partitions easily. AOMEI Partition Assistant developed by AOMEI Tech boasts of great functions in managing hard disk or partitions.

Generally speaking, you need one partition software to optimize disk space usage of your Windows computer. A typical example is that the system C drive is full or running out of space, so you need to merge or resize your hard disk to solve the problem. When do the partition management properly, the speed of operating system will be greatly increased.

Partition magic is a partition editor that allows you to safely create, combine and resize partition without data loss and information loss. The software supports USB external drives, as well as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2, and EXT3 file systems. What is more, AOMEI Partition assistant is totally free for home and personal users.

Partition magic trial can split partitions, that is to say, with partition assistant you have the possibility to divide one hard disk into several partitions. In addition, the software can not only resize partition and align partition but also merge partitions and wipe partition.

The first step is that you should download this tool, install and launch, open the software to see the below interface.

Start Backup

The second step is that you should select a desired partition, and click "Clone"> “Clone Partition” at the top toolbar.

Copy Partition

The third step is that you should select an unallocated space to store the partition, then click “next” and set partition properties.

Sotre Partition

Last, click “Apply” to execute pending operation. Thus, the partition would be successfully copied.

Finish Partition


AOMEI Partition Assistant contains more than 30 valuable functions, which can manage your hard disks and partitions in all dimensions. AOMEI Partition Assistant allows some users, business users, and system administrators to easily perform partition operations safely and quickly. For more related information, please click here.