How to Replace ASUS Laptop Hard Drive with SSD without Reinstalling

To replace Asus laptop hard drive with SSD without the process of reinstalling Windows and applications one by one on the new SSD, you can use AOMEI Partition Assistant to clone hard drive to SSSD in Asus laptop.


By Cherry / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Why replace the Asus laptop hard drive with SSD?

Compared with HDD, SSD works more stable, minimizes the danger of losing data, and has a higher read & write speed. This is why you choose to replace the hard drive with SSD in the Asus laptop. Of course, sometimes, the Asus laptop runs slowly because the hard drive isn’t big enough for storing data. Then, it’s wise to upgrade the drive with a larger one.


Powerful software: Upgrade laptop HDD to SSD without issues

To replace Asus laptop hard drive, you may need to suffer from the trouble of performing a clean install and downloading, installing, and setting up various applications one by one. To avoid such trouble, you can turn to powerful software, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional.

It enables you to transfer all things including Windows OS from the old hard drive to the new SSD in an Asus laptop or desktop via “Disk Clone Wizard” feature. After the disk copy, you can replace the old Asus laptop hard drive without OS and app reinstallation. Since the tool can clone the used space of the source drive, thus you can clone the old drive to a smaller one, as it is enough to store data on the hard drive.

In addition, AOMEI Partition Assistant has so many useful functions for managing HDD and SSD. You can use it to clone partitions, create partitions, resize partitions, delete partitions, format partitions, merge partitions, and so on. 

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PS.: For Windows Server users, it offers AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition

How to: Replace Asus laptop hard drive with SSD

Before using AOMEI Partition Assistant to clone Asus hard drive for hard drive replacement without reinstalling OS, please make the following preparation:

Firstly, pick up the right SSD. Before you go out and buy an SSD, you need to make sure the SSD will fit your ASUS laptop. Most laptops have 2.5-inch drives, while some laptops have 1.8-inch disk size. You need to make sure the right size, and its interface (SATA or IDE). Then, you can pick up an SSD with at least enough room for the Windows partition and any system recovery partitions. If you need to keep all data on the hard drive, you should choose one which is enough to store the data on the hard drive.
Secondly, connect the SSD to your Asus laptop. If there is no extra bay for the SSD, you need a SATA-to-USB cable.

SATA to USB Cable

Then, you can follow the steps below to clone Asus laptop hard drive to SSD.

Step 1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. Click Clone from the top toolbar and then select Clone Disk.

Copy Disk

Step 2. When you get into the Disk Clone Wizard, select Clone Disk Quickly. Click Next.

Copy Disk Quickly

Step 3. Choose the new SSD as the destination disk, here is Disk 3. Here you need to tick the box under the window, “Optimize the performance of SSD”, which improves the performance of your laptop after cloning.

Select Destination Disk

Step 4. Then, you can edit your SSD, like adjust the size of your partitions here. Click Next.

Edit Disk

Step 5. Then, you will go back to the main interface. Don’t forget to click Apply at the toolbar.


When the process finishes, you have already migrated all data from the old hard drive to SSD. 

Performing hard drive to SSD doesn’t mean that the process of replacing Asus laptop hard drive to SSD completes. After that, you need to make the Asus laptop boot from the new cloned SSD. If the Asus laptop allows you to keep the old hard drive and new SSD simultaneously, you can reboot your computer, press a function key to enter BIOS, and set SSD as the boot device. After booting your Asus laptop successfully from the SSD, you can wipe the old hard drive to free disk space for data storage.

If your Asus laptop only permits you to keep one disk, you need to power off your laptop, remove the hard disk back cover panel, take off the old hard drive, install the SSD to your Asus laptop, and then cover the hard disk back cover panel.

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