How to Factory Reset Windows 8 [2 Simple Guides]

If you want to resolve some tricky problems on you Windows 8 computer, factory resetting is the last yet effective resort. This article will teach you how to factory reset Windows 8 in two different ways.


By Hedy / Updated on May 12, 2023

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3 things you should know about Windows 8 factory reset

▌  When need to reset Windows 8?

If you have a Windows 8 computer, you may need to factory reset for Windows 8 PC in the following situations:

There is a hardware failure or system crash on your computer but you can't find any useful solutions or you want to reset Windows 8 to restore your computer speed to factory state.
Before selling, throwing away, or donating your computer to someone else, you must make sure there is no important data on it. And Windows 8 factory reset is one effective way to make it.
You forget your login password for Windows 8 but don't know how to resolve it.

▌ What happens if you reset Windows 8?

When you determine to reset your PC, you should know what gonna happen:

All your personal files will be completely deleted.
All the settings are returned to their defaults when the PC left the factory.
All apps you installed will be moved and those apps that are pre-installed by the manufacturer will be reinstalled.

▌ What to do before Windows 8 factory reset?

Since you have to sacrifice something to perform resetting on Windows 8, you’d better back up your important files in case of any future accident. Considering efficiency and safety, we suggest you clone your disk to another drive for backup.

To make it with ease, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is your top choice. Its clear interface and user-friendly operation can help you copy everything including the system, applications, folders, etc. from the current drive to another drive easily and quickly.

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Step 1. When you connect the new disk to your computer, install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional on it as well. On the main interface, click "Clone" > "Clone Disk".


Step 2. Choose "Clone Disk Quickly" or "Sector-by-Sector Clone" as your cloning method.


Step 3. Select the drive you want to back up as the source disk and click "Next".


Step 4. Then select your new drive as the destination disk, tick "Optimize the performance of SSD", and click "Next".


Step 5. Then, select an option to resize the partitions on the new drive and click "Next". Finally, click "Finish" > "Apply" to back up before Windows 8 factory reset.


If you have known the above three things, you can begin to reset your PC to its original settings when you bought it. On the next page, we offer you two guides on how to factory reset Windows 8. Which one to choose depends on whether you can login to Windows 8.

How to factory reset Windows 8 with login to system (from Start screen)

Step 1. From the Start screen, type "reset" to open the Search box, and then select "Remove everything and reinstall Windows" from the results.


Step 2. Click "Get started" under the "Remove everything and reinstall Windows" section and click "Next".


Step 3. Choosing "Just remove my files" or "Fully clean the drive" depends on your own need.


Step 4. If you are ready to factory reset for Windows 8, click "Reset". The process might take a while, wait patiently, and your computer will restart after resetting.


That's all the steps about how to factory reset Windows 8 with login to system.

How to factory reset Windows 8 without password (from boot)

Step 1. Start your computer and press the F11 key repeatedly to enter the Windows Recovery Environment, and click "Troubleshoot" > "Reset your PC".

Step 2. Then, you will be asked to choose "Keep my files" or "Remove everything".


Step 3. Next, choose a way to reinstall your Windows 8.


Step 4. in this window, you need to decide to "Just remove your files" or "Fully clean the drive".


Step 4. You will be asked if your are ready to reset your device. If you have no questions, click on "Reset" to start to reset Windows 8.


That's all about how to factory reset Windows 8 without password.


From this passage, you have learned three things about resetting PC on Windows 8: When need to reset Windows 8? What will happen if you perform it? What should you pay attention to before proceeding? All the answers can be found in this passage.

Besides, this post provides you with two step-by-step guides to factory reset for Windows 8 in two different cases. No matter which method you will apply, making a backup of your files is always necessary. Give a try to AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional which can not only clone the whole hard drive but also copy a single partition or migrate only OS to another drive.

Hedy · Staff Editor
Hedy is an editor of AOMEI Technology. She is very good at solving problems of partition management, and she wants to share all the problems she had already solved to users who met the same questions.